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Covering the Mumbai to Goa Highway

Mumbaikars just love to choose Goa as their vacation destination in India. The incredibly beautiful land of silver sand, sun-kissed beaches and scenic locations is the one stop destination for travelers. And the best part of traveling to Goa from Mumbai is the fantastic route that you would get a chance to cover! The Western Ghats would just astonish you with their surreal natural beauty.

 Mumbai to Goa Highway


The Mumbai to Goa route is around 578.2 km long and it will take approximately 8 hours and 10 minutes to cover the entire distance. Driving on the National Highway 17 or NH 66 is the most exciting part while en-route to Goa, Running parallel to the Western Ghats and along with the western coast of India; this highway offers the most serene vistas of nature. This busy highway connects Mumbai to Kochi while covering the states of Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala.  This 7th longest highway in India was the one and only source connecting the areas of coastal districts before the coming of Konkan Railway in 1998.

 Mumbai to Goa Highway


The Mumbai Goa Highway encounters major interchanges at NH 4 in Panvel, NH 204 in Pali, NH 4A in Panaji, NH 17A in Cortalim, NH 17B in Verna, NH 63 in Ankola, NH 13 in Mangalore, NH 48 in Mangalore, NH 212 in Kozhikode and NH 47 close to Ernakulam. This 1296 km long highway covers 482 km in Maharashtra, 280 km in Karnataka, 139 km in Goa and 368 km in Kerala.

 Mumbai to Goa Highway


Though the Mumbai Goa route is packed with spectacular natural landscapes, it would certainly get tiring to drive continuously without taking a stop in between. Catering to this there are many budget hotels on Mumbai Goa highway where travelers can halt, refresh and prepare for their journey ahead. Some of the popular refreshment facilities along the highway include Motel Visava, Aswad Restaurant and Dine & Drive Restaurant. Road travelers can take an overnight stay at one of the hotels on Mumbai Goa Highway or just take a short break, rest their bodies and again start with their exciting and adventurous journey!

How You Can Reach the Incredible Ooty?

Strategically located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is one of the major towns in the state. Perched high on the gorgeous Nilgiri Hills, it is situated at a distance of 80 km from Coimbatore. At the end of 18th century, it was under the rule of East India Company, till that time Ooty is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. The alluring charm of this pretty place still fascinates visitors from each corner of the world.



Ooty once used to be the topmost summer weekend getaway destination for British people since the Colonial days, however it is now converted into the summer administrative town. This wonderful hill station is home to the most scenic natural vistas and rich biodiversity. And the best part of coming to this hill station is that you would love the en-route to Ooty. The breathtakingly beautiful mountains, dense forests, lush green landscapes, vast stretches of tea gardens, spectacular lakes and soaring eucalyptus trees during your route to this hill station is simply awesome.

 Incredible Ooty


Owing to the good transportation connectivity, reaching to Ooty is not a hassle for travelers. The town is located on the National Highway 67 and is connected to the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Bangalore to Ooty distance is 290 km, which can be covered by road. You can either choose to go by your own vehicle or travel using the bus services from Bangalore to Ooty. And those of you who would like to travel to Ooty via train can use the rail service. Udhagamandalam Railway Station in Ooty would welcome you to the town from where you can board the local transportation medium for reaching your desired destinations within.

 Bangalore to Ooty


As Ooty does not has its own civilian airport, there is no connectivity to air. However, if you prefer traveling by air then you can reach to the Coimbatore International Airport that is located at a short distance of around 96km from the town. From there you can hire a taxi for reaching your final destination. So, cut the Bangalore to Ooty distance and enjoy being in the most serene hill station of India.





Hotels Along Chandigarh Manali National Highway

The mesmerizing Manali is a dream destination of many travelers from India and abroad as well. Being a popular summer vacation destination, it welcomes numerous visitors every year. This scenic place is located at a distance of around 300km from the vibrant Chandigarh. You can either opt for road or rail to reach the exotic destination in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. For adventure enthusiasts, traveling by road is the most preferred option as the route is nearly 6 hours long and well connected to both, Chandigarh and Manali.



Chandigarh Manali Highway beautifully covers the major places including Kharar, Swarghat, Bilaspur, Rupnagar, Bilaspur and Mandi. Pass by these places or halt for sometime, you would definitely love to cover this breathtakingly beautiful distance. On your way, you would find many hotels, rest stops and motels. Ideal for taking a break and refreshing your mood, these stop by spots are the most sough after choice of road travelers.



Located in the middle of the city, Hotel Preet is one of the most popular choices of road travelers looking for a comfortable accommodation along the Chandigarh Manali Highway. It consists of 57 well-furnished rooms in addition to all the basic amenities. The hotel also serves delicious food to its guests. Though it is a budget accommodation facility near the highway, you can rest assured for quality services.



Travelers seeking a luxury resort in proximity to the national highway can choose to stay in the Manali Resorts. This 5-satr property is the perfect staying option for adventure lovers as well as nature lovers. Serving guests with top-notch facilities, it is counted among the most reputed hotels along the national highway.



Shiva Cottage is another budget accommodation facility set amidst the beautiful locations of the Chandigarh Manali Natioanl Highway. Guests are served with all the basic facilities for making their stay comfortable and convenient. Besides this, there are many other highway hotels where the travelers can rest their mind and soul. So, get ready to hit the roads from Chandigarh to Manali and whenever you want to take a break, the highway hotels are there to prepare you for the further journey! 

Using Highway Maps is Easy Now!

Hitting the clean and wide roads of National Highways has become a craze among the adventurous folks out there. Just club with some of your good old buddies and cover the long roads stretching far to your final destinations. Without a second thought, highway tourism gives you the fun, adventure, excitement and thrill that you have been looking for!



Highway travelers make their own routes, but it is always beneficial to use highway maps for covering the distances. Though it may seem a piece of paper to many, only a traveler knows its great importance! The size of the map decides the kind of distance, which may be traversed; it may be a state, city, region or the whole of the country. Using a highway map even helps the travelers in estimating the total distance they would have to cover between two points, finding alternate routes to their destinations or picking the best routes for reaching the desired destinations.



Using highway maps is not a difficult task although it may seem to be! First and foremost, unfold it to clearly view the area you need to reach. Thereafter, try and understand the legend as it is going to help you in finding campgrounds, rail & bus services, airports, parks, interchanges and other relevant places. And you would also get to know the meaning of colored lines featured on a highway map.



Find out the mileage estimation bar marked with miles or kilometers close to the legend. Once you are familiar with it, use the edge of a paper piece for creating a strip exactly matching to the length of the estimation bar, do the distance markings and finally use this as a ruler for gauging the distance between two points.



Use the map for planning out the route you would like to cover. It would be better to note down the route, as you won’t have to look down every other second while driving. And if you are traveling from one state to another, it is advisable to use the right state numbers on the map. Using highway maps would surely make your travel easier, but always make sure that the map you are using is of the latest edition! With this highway maps using tips, we wish you bon voyage!




Know More about Mumbai Goa National Highway

Planning to go Goa by road on your vacations this season? If yes is your answer, your wait for those most awaited vacations ends here! Traversing the paths of the scenic Western Ghats would be a lifetime experience. Your Mumbai to Goa journey by road would be covered on the National Highway 17 or NH17. Running through the western coast of India and lying parallel to the Western Ghats, this national highway is the major connectivity between Panvel (South Mumbai) to Kochi (situated in Kerala).



The 1,296 km long NH17 is ranked seventh longest amongst all the Indian national highways. Designed beautifully, the Mumbai Goa Highway touches the stunning Arabian Sea at Maravanthe in Karnataka and bewitching Thalassery in Kerala. Being a major development in the road transportation, the highway connects various small cities as well as towns of Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka. It also consists some parts of old NH47 that connected Kochi to Kanyakumari.

 mumbai karad highway


Travelers would definitely enjoy their Mumbai Goa road travel, as the road on NH17 is quite narrow, however it lacks dividers on most of the parts. Owing to the residential aspect around it, the average driving speed is lesser in comparison to other National Highways like NH3, NH4 or NH8. You might face smooth road on some parts while there would be uneven surfaces at some stretches. Here it is noteworthy that overtaking or rash driving can be dangerous, so avoid doing them at the Mumbai Goa Highway.



On your entry to the land of beaches i.e., Goa, you will be welcomed by the picturesque landscapes, a positive ambiance and lush greenery sprawling all across the state. On your NH17 route, you would cross the beautiful cities of Margao, Panaji, Canacona, Mapusa, Cuncolim and Pernem in Goa. Though your route would be filled with bumps, steep raises, curves, uneven bends or narrow paths, rest assured for a happy traveling experience with your close buddies! And Goa will embrace you with all the love and affection, which would never let you go away from its irresistible charm.

Know Your Budget Hotel Options at Delhi Agra National Highway

Agra was our next family trip! And yes excitement levels were really high as it was a visit to the world-famous Taj Mahal this time. With plans being tossed around, finally it was decided that we would be traveling by our car! With all the preparations we left from Delhi around 6 in the morning and as the traffic was less, it was not a big hassle to cover the wide roads heading to the city of Agra.



Though the journey was getting quite boring, but the moment we entered the Delhi Agra Highway, the whole road route turned into a picture different from what we have covered so far. The clear, long and wide roads of the highway provided our car the much needed speed and excitement that was missing! Though we had not planned about our accommodation options in Agra, we were fortunate enough to find some good budget hotels located close to the highway. It was beneficial for us to choose such a hotel as it would give us the greater insight into the city while being close to the route back to Delhi. We had a fabulous time in the city, but here I have penned down some budget hotels close to the Delhi Agra National Highway.

Hotel Chanakya



Located at a short distance from Agra Cantt and bus stand, Hotel Chanakya is a popular budget facility catering to the needs of visitors. Taj Mahal from here is just 2.5 kilometers away. Serving guests with all the basic requisites, this hotel is ideal for travelers seeking budget-staying options near the highway.

Pushp Villa



The four storey budget hotel is nestled in a serene environment far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Railway station and airport are easily accessible from the hotel’s location. Offering a comfortable and convenient accommodation to visitors, it is an option worth considering when you want to stay near the Delhi Agra Highway.

Hotel Kant


Staying at Hotel Kant would be a good choice as you can easily reach to all the leading tourist and commercial centers of Agra. Potted plants, elegant decoration and great sculptures welcome the guests with open arms. Their warm hospitality is worth appreciating.

Hotel Taj Plaza



Though a budget accommodation, Hotel Taj Plaza has been awarded with the best Entrepreneur Award for serving its guests with world-class accommodation. Set close to the famous tourist spots of Agra, it is one of the most popular budget choices of families as well as business visitors coming to the city.

What to Expect at the Indian National Highways?

That crave to cover the Indian roads gave me the vision for my next adventure trip! Yes, immensely fascinated by the trend of highway tourism, I clubbed with some of my good friends clubbed together to drive through the long and wide roads beautifully joining one state to another. And the most exciting part of road travel is crossing the National Highways in India!



It was no less than a surprise for us to discover how highway tourism has carved out a niche for itself in the road transportation of the country. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the long roads to end and finding a place to refresh and prepare for further journey. Now, the conveniences are available within your reach and are provided specially keeping in mind the needs and requirements of explores and travelers in India.



The well-built system of National Highways in India is undoubtedly setting a benchmark in the booming sector of highway tourism. With the availability of roadside dhabas, restaurants, eating joints and midway cafes, it was a great relief for us to take a break from the tiring journey and satisfy our taste buds! The food served was hygienic, fresh and yes tempting as well! Another impressive factor of our road travel was the availability of petrol pumps near the highways, which is one of the most vital things required by any explore or traveler. You can find petrol pumps close to the Indian national highways easily.



Covering the roads at night is certainly a great fun, but when you are all tired and need some rest, hotels near the highways are your real problem solver. We halted at a budget hotel and after an overnight stay we again started with our journey! Though we had chosen a budget accommodation as per our needs, but there are many other staying options including motels, resorts and 5 star hotels. So, rest assured for the availability of all the essential facilities to make your travel a comfortable experience.



So, when you want to go for road travel like me, don’t fear about the lack of facilities, as the National Highways are equipped with the basic necessities to make your experience better!








Stay in the 5 Star Hotels at Delhi Jaipur Highway

Whether traveling from Delhi to Jaipur for vacations or for an official purpose, you surely must be passing the well-built Delhi Jaipur Highway. This 265.7 km long route would take around 3 hours and 40 minutes by road. You definitely must be tired of sitting on your seat and need a break to refresh yourself. As such daytime halt or an overnight stay at some budget hotel located on the highway can give you the much-needed break from the monotonous journey.


Travelers seeking 5 star hotels in proximity to the Delhi Jaipur highway would be delighted to know that there are multiple options catering to their needs and preferences. Here is our pick of the best 5 star hotels conveniently located close to the Delhi Jaipur Highway.

Fairmont Jaipur             



The perfect blend of luxury and convenience, Fairmont Jaipur is one of the most beautiful 5 star hotels located at the Kukas, Jaipur. World-class accommodation, royal decor and proximity to the Jaipur railway station & international airport make it one of the topmost choices of tourists seeking 5 star highway hotels on this route.

Heritage Retreat Luxury Resort


A one-stop destination for leisure as well as business travelers, Heritage Retreat Luxury Resort is located at Natata close to RIICO in Jaipur. The hotel highly boasts of its well-furnished rooms along with all the modern requisites. Famous tourist spots of Jaipur such as Nahargarh Fort and Hawa Mahal can be easily reached from this hotel.

Lebua Lodge at Amer



With its top-class hospitality and luxurious facilities, Lebua Lodge at Amer is one of the popular 5 star highway hotels on the Delhi Jaipur Highway. Banquet facilities, camel safari and dining facility are the limelight of this luxury resort. Jaipur International Highway and railway stations are located at a distance of around 24 km and 14 km respectively from this hotel.

Lohagarh Fort Resort and Spa



Nestled in the beautiful foothills of Kukas is the Lohagarh Fort Resort and Spa that is a popular choice of nature lovers, families and honeymooners. Guests can rest assured for top-notch hotel facilities, convenient & comfortable accommodation. And the best part of staying at this resort is the special spa facilities for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience after a long and tiring journey.

Highway Tourism: The Perfect Blend of Speed, Thrill and Adventure

You are driving for a long time and suddenly the idea of touring strikes your mind! How about riding on the national highways where you can speed up your vehicle and run it on the clean roads stretching far away distances. With the growing popularity of highway tourism in India, all the new and old highway routes are being constructed at par with the international standards. These highway areas today are developed for providing utmost comfort and facility to the people having craze for highway tourism.



The credit for inculcating the culture of highway tourism in India goes to the Haryana Tourism. However, this trend has now spread to most of the national Indian Highways. Right from the residential facilities to modern comforts and quality services, these highway destinations cater to the basic requisites of travelers covering long distances. Talking about the conveniences, you will find motels serving hygienic and fresh food & drinks to the travelers. Along with this, you can also find ATM as well as communication facilities in the surrounding areas of the national Indian Highways. Many of the destinations have even maintained gardens in the vicinity for ensuring a relaxed stay in the area.



The concept of highway tourism can be attributed to the beginning of the Maruti culture, the popular auto revolution that happened in India. The hobby of covering long distances while driving brought about this custom that gradually paced among people. And with the availability of modern facilities & comforts, highway tourism made its mark among the travelers.



Evening on the Indian highway destinations allure travelers to take a break from their long journey and just relax. The beautifully lit motels, dhabas or resorts on the highways add up to the overall thrill and excitement of driving. Apart from the meals, snacks and refreshment facilities, petrol pumps and car wash facilities are also available at these places.



Highway journeys offer a mix of different experiences to people. Some find their tracks superb and some find them not so good. Well, whatever the experiences you collect on the highway routes of India, rest assured for that ultimate fun, adventure and thrill as it comes your way.