Airfare Soar with the Festive Season around the Corner

Airplane of Indigo airline flying in the sky

With the rise in the prices of aviation turbine fuel, it is going to be a costly affair to fly for a long weekend during the festive season of Onam and Diwali. The airfares for Chennai-Mumbai evening flight for one way costs 19,000 to 26,000, while the fare is 20,000 for an evening flight to Delhi. With Monday being a holiday, majority of people are traveling their places for a long weekend. The advance fares for one day have increased over 90% since the last week.

Airplane of Indigo airline flying in the sky

Flight ticket charges have shot up by 15% to 25% on the routes for Chennai and Trivandrum, Kochi, Madurai, Bangalore as well as on Delhi and Mumbai routes. As per Prema Radhakrishnan of Emerald Airways, “We were hoping to get good bookings for Onam over the next weekend because trains were full and air fares were affordable even when booked at the last minute.”

Sharat Dhall, the president of stated, “The effect of the depreciating rupee, the hike in aviation turbine fuel prices and significant pre-bookings via promotions earlier in the year have all led to a sudden rise in air fares now. This rise in airfares will bring down demand in the forthcoming festive and leisure travel season.”

Taking off picture of Jet airways passenger plane

Chennai airfare has seen a big rise in the past few days as the festive season is around the corner. The price of one day’s advance booking for a Chennai-Trivandrum one way ticket was 2,800 around a month ago and similar was the fare between Chennai to Bangalore. Now, the airfare for Chennai-Trivandrum has increased up to 9,000 on Friday and it will be 4,500 to 5,000 for Saturday. In the same way, Bangalore’s one way ticket is selling at 7,700 to 15,000 on Friday and it will be and 4,700 to 8,015 for people traveling on Saturday. On Saturday, the fares increased to 11,000 for Delhi and 8,700 to 10,000 for Mumbai. Chennai airfare along with other destinations was less a month ago as compares to what they were selling a few days back up.

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