Araku Valley: The Scenic Hill Station

One of the scenic and lush green tourist places in Andhra Pradesh is the Araku Valley. Its the least exploited scenic place by the commercial tourism in the country and presents us peacefulness in its abode. Araku Valley is the hill station at an average altitude of 911m and is located 114km away from the main city Visakhapatnam. Its an great spot for trekking.

The journey to this Araku valley by train or by bus from Visakhapatnam itself is awesome in its own essence, for, you get to see the plantations on the hills. There are 19 kinds of tribes in and around this forest encompassing the valley and mountains. And their work in coffee plantation has been recognised globally. There are so many tunnels and bridges, and the roads at this Eastern Ghat are very steep with many hairpin that makes this place even more beautiful enchanting.

Araku Valley

Araku Valley

The Govt. Silk Farms, Coffee Plantations, the Botanical Garden at Padmapuram are main attractions in this place. And a few kilometres away from the valley, there is one more famous tourist attraction called Borra Caves. These are deepest caves in the country present almost at an elevation of 705m in the Anantagiri Hill of the valley.

Padmapuram Gardens

Padmapuram Gardens

Borra Caves are known for its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, and the colorful lights installed inside the cave by the AP government shows the exotic beauty of the caves. The Shiva temple built many years ago by a tribe which goes by a legend is there outside the caves for tourists to worship. One who visits Araku Valley makes it a must-visit for Borra caves too. Ideal time to visit this place is during November and December.

Borra Caves

Borra Caves

The tribes in Araku Valley have preserved their tradition all along and the famous old-folk Dhimsa dance which they perform during “Ithika Pongal” is now shown everyday for the tourists. Chaaparai, is another picnic spot, 15km away from the valley.

There are many resorts and hotels in Araku Valley, mostly are budget hotels, present near the bus-depot. Among them are Krishana Tara Comforts, a 2-star hotel providing all basic amenities is just a 10-minute walk from bus station and offers assistance with travel arrangements, taxi service etc.

Budget Hotels in Araku

Krishana Tara Comforts

Hotel Vihar Holiday Inn is a 3-star hotel, which is a new competitor in the hotel business at Araku, boasts of clean rooms and excellent staff service. This is the only hotel in Araku which offers all air-conditioned rooms. With 10-a/c deluxe rooms and 2 a/c suites, basic amenities, multi-cuisine restaurant etc., this hotel is a good choice for tourists.

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