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Things to do in Goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination for the domestic as well as the international tourists from across the world. Goa has one of the best coastlines in the world and is complete with serene and tranquil surroundings; sun kissed silvery sandy beaches, the ancient churches and the temples are all worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

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Goa is one of the best tropical destinations of the world and to captivate the essence of goa, you must be prepared to explore the area after you have made proper research. Goa is a state in itself and the tourist destinations are divided into three segments, the north Goa, the south Goa and also the Old Goa. Goa can be rather mesmerizing with its white beaches and vibrant fields, the coconut grooves and the dense forests, the palm trees, and of course the turquoise waters.

Goa boasts of a mix of culture cuisine and also the excellent architecture with the grand mansions and also the baroque churches that dominate the landscapes. The climate of the state is excellent with moderate temperature all throughout the different seasons. Avoid the monsoons and instead if you can manage the tickets to the state and also the accommodation at the hotels in Goa during the carnivals during the winter seasons, you can certainly visit the state. During the carnivals, goa is one of the best places to be in.

Since Goa boasts of multi ethnic residents and tourists from all parts of the world makes visit to goa all throughout the year, it celebrates many different festivals in the state like Christmas, Ganesh Chathurthi, New Year’s Eve, and the Shigmo festival among others. They are not only great for attracting the hordes of tourists but also are the various form of celebrating the multi ethnic people and their bonds between each other.

If you want to stay in the best hotel in goa, there are several other activities that you can participate in like the several water sports activities, the spotting of the dolphins and the crocodiles, the bird watching, and the hiking and the trekking. You can also visit the various night clubs in the state as the partying and the nightlife of Goa is famous all around. You can also go around visiting the different forts, temples and the churches and other nature resorts. You can also indulge in various spa services and other ayurvedic spa services.

Watch tea leaves picking while holidaying in Coorg

Coorg is also known as Kodagu and is a hill station in Karnataka. It is also a great summer retreat and tourists from all over the world and the country visits this hill station during the summer times. Coorg is famous for its tea and the coffee plantations. It is also known as the “Scotland of India” and the “Kashmir of the south”. Coorg is a famous retreat in south and is well known for its cool climate and the majestic charm of the nature. It is located at a height of 3500 feet above the sea level and on the majestic greeneries of the Western Ghats.


As far as the history of the city of Coorg is known, the famous seven south Indian dynasties, namely the Cholas, Gangas, Rastrakutas, Kadambas, Chalukyas, Hoysalas and also the Vijaynagar Rayas all had their reigns over this city at different times.  At present, although the major ethnic group in Coorg is that of the Kodavas, there are also many other ethnic communities of diverse cultures residing in Coorg.

There are several places to stay in Coorg and several activities that you can participate in while you are stationed at Coorg, like trekking, angling, fishing and even golfing. In fact, some of the most challenging trekking areas in Coorg are the peaks of Puspagiri, Brahmagiri, and Tandianamol. If you are not a trekker, you can still soak in the lush greeneries all around with acres of tea and the coffee plantations in and around the hill station of Coorg. There are also many wellness spas and other ayurvedic retreats that you can visit for 30 minutes sessions that are rather cheaper.

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It is always advisable that you make the accommodation bookings done much in advance for your trip. The hill station is very popular and thus there are always hordes of tourists visiting the place. In fact, most of those who visit south India make sure to drop by the hill station of Coorg. Thus it is always a good idea to make the bookings for the accommodations first and only then make the journey. There are budget hotels and also the luxury hotels and their prices differ according to the amenities offered by the hotels. Usually, most of the hotels also organize the sightseeing and the trekking trips and also the day long visits to the tea and also the coffee plantation in the area directly from the hotel. You can also avail such packages along with the accommodation and complete the tour within your budget.

Explore the charms of south India

The tourist places in South India are breathtaking and they enchant the senses beyond imagination. If you want to get on to a stunning adventure of spectacular beauty along with huge architectural splendor and also captivating culture, South India is the best place to be. The places are the ideal combination of stunning beaches, serene hill stations, ancient temples and also several great services like the ever rejuvenating Ayurveda and the spa therapy.

Onam celebrations among girls

South India is a coveted destination for the tourists from all over the world, some of the marvelous d and best tourist places in south of India are the states of Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Even Andaman and the Nicobar Islands also fall under the south Indian region. The charm and the beauty of the south of India can be truly enchanting.


Kerala is defined as God’s own country. It is a treasure trove waiting to be explored by the tourists from across the globe. Kerala is also the ideal tourist destination with sun kissed beaches, lush hill stations, exotic backwaters, and even ancient temples, great cuisine along with refreshing Ayurveda therapy. One of the best attractions of Kerala is staying at the houseboats. It is one of the best destinations for the honeymooners and newly married. It is a romantic getaway in India. When you are in Kerala, you must visit the places like Munnar, Periyar, Alleppey, Cochin, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Thekaddy and also the Trivandrum.

Also you should never miss the Kerala Backwaters while in the state. While you are visiting Kerala backwaters, you can avail the accommodation at the houseboats. Some of the back water areas on which you can stay include the places like Alleppey, Cochin, Trivandrum, Kumarakom and Kovalam.

Bangalore is also a must visit place in south India. It is the IT hub of the country and is also known as the Garden City. When you are in Bangalore, places to stay in the city are several and you can avail the luxury hotels or the budget hotels as per your requirement and also the budget. Bangalore is the major stop for visiting all the different exotic tourist destinations in south India. You can get to Bangalore and plan your itinerary and visit the different tourist destinations accordingly. While in Bangalore, do not forget to check out the different monuments and gardens in the city. You can stay over in the city for a day or two and explore the place.


Important information about South India Trip

If you want to opt for such a holiday destination that will also provide you with an ample dose of spirituality, you should ideally plan a trip to the Southern parts of India. Whether it is the temples in your itinerary or if you just want to visit the exotic sceneries of Coorg or Munnar, there is no dearth of South India tourist places. South India is rich with exotic holiday destinations and you would be lost for choices if your time is short and you want to cover most of the south India tourist places.
For instance, the hill stations at the south India are nestled along the Western Ghats and they offer a rare and excellent chance to explore the wilderness of the forests in the Western Ghats. You can also take a stroll down the vast areas of the various tea plantations and also the mountains that are mostly clad with mists and fog all throughout the year. This is the reason why, all the hill stations in the south India are frequently visited by tourists from different parts of the world.

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Some of the most popular tourist destinations in India include the Munnar in Kerala which is known for its beautiful sceneries and also for the vast trails of plantations and also adventure tourisms. Munnar is a heaven for the people who are adventure freak and look for a streak of adventure in each of their holiday trips. Munnar is also home to the Anamudi Peak which is the highest in South India. You can enjoy the soft and the hard trekking, the thrills of the rock climbing and para gliding. There is the Eravikulam National Park that is home for such adventure sports and it is also well known for spotting the endangered Nilgiri Tahr.
If you are in Kerala, you must not miss on the opportunity to visit the backwaters and stay on the houseboats. Check out the ancient temples with excellent architectural values and participate in several rituals associated with these ancient temples. You can also get going with a soothing and effective and relaxing ayurveda treatment or a spa treatment while you are in Kerala or any other parts of South India.
South India can be mystic and at the same time magical as a place of holiday trip and thus it is worth a visit at least once in your life time.

Hotels in Kumarakom

Kumarakom lake resort

Postal Address: Kumarakom North Post – Kottayam 686566, Kerala, India


Lush and serene, the breath-taking experience of the Kerala backwaters offered at the Kumarakom lake resort is unparalleled.
Located by the banks of the pristine Lake Vembanad, the complex sprawls across over 25 acres of land.
The rooms offered are mostly cottages, with their simple and aesthetic design based on the manas, the traditional homesteads of Kerala.
A home away from home, the resort presents tasteful luxury blended with the rich heritage of Kerala.

resort bungalows

Residences at the Resort


Categories of accommodation provided:

• Presidential Suites with Private Pool
• Heritage Lake View Villas with Private Pool
• Heritage villas with private pool
• Meandering Pool Villas
• Luxury Pavilion Rooms
• Houseboats


Other facilities offered:


• Conference room with a seating capacity of upto 85 people, with state of the
art communication and teleconferencing systems installed
• The infinity swimming pool, which is also a part of the lake, with a jacuzzi
• Fitness centre, with trained instructors
• Business Centre
• Concierge
• Wifi


The resort can arrange for package tours of the lake and it’s vicinity, and also organizes cruises in the tranquil backwaters, sunset cruise, water sports, speedboat tours and banana boat rides.
Bird sanctuary visits, sightseeing trip to Kottayam, cycling, village walks, guided fishing activities, are some of the activities that can be experienced around the resort. The Resort also regularly conducts evening concerts showcasing traditional Keralian dance, drama and music.

ayurmana, kumarakom

The Ayurmana

It’s ayurvedic spa centre, the Ayurmana, offers a variety of therapeutic, relaxation and recreational packages. It also houses yoga halls and meditation centers.


Gastronome Corner!

Besides, the resort has a diverse plethora of dining options.

The Thattukada

The resort also has it’s vintage tea shop, the Thattukada. Noted for it’s pleasant and inviting ambience, the tea house offers a wide range of local snacks and brews to chose from.

ettukettu kumarakom

The Ettukettu in it’s full glory


Ettukettu, the multi-cuisine, 115-seat restaurant is the grand pride of the Kumarakom Lake Resort. A princely eight-sided mansion with two central courtyards, the Ettukettu bespeaks of the grandeur of Kerala’s regal architecture. Commissioned by the King Marthanda Varma, the original establishment  was dismantled and relocated in all its glory at Kumarakom Lake Resort.

The reigning specialty at the restaurant is ethnic Keralian cuisine with a slew of aromatic spices, lending the cuisine it’s very own flavour. It dishes out a variety of delicate, exotic preparations exclusive to the region, such as the rare Syrian Christian Duck Roast.

seafood kumarakom

The Vembanad Seafood bar


The Vembanad Seafood Bar offers the perfect rustic ambience to suit the typical Kerala seafood cuisine, as one basks in the view of a glorious sunset. The menu includes anything and everything in seafood, with a dedicated chef in constant attendance.


The Pool Pavilion


A pavilion set right on the banks of the lake by the infinity pool, the Pool Pavilion at Kumarakom Lake Resort offers the rare and exclusive opportunity to experience the brilliance of nature in peaceful seclusion with it’s limited tables. Reserve and enjoy a memorable evening of exquisite dining under caring attendance.





Travel Essentials: Sravanabelagola

Installment No: 1

In the Travel Essentials series, we will present before you authentic information regarding tourism in some of the lesser explored corners of the Southern Indian Peninsula. Having stood the ravages of time, these places take you on a voyage into the past, to share with you, the lores of royalties from days gone by. Isolated from the tediousness of mortal existence and untainted by the chaos named “modernity”, they invigorate you with a captivating charm of their own.

Location:  Approximately 157kms from Bengaluru

Channarayapatna taluk , Hassan District, Karnataka

Why Sravanabelagola?

  Sravanabelagola, which iterally translates into “White pond of God”, is also referred to as “Dakshinakasi” in popular texts, due it’s prominence as a centre of pilgrimage amongst certain sects of India, specifically Jains. The founder of the Mauryan Dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya, is believed to have resided here as a monk during the later part of his life, in his quest for nirvana.

The Gommateshvara Bahubali statute, which stands about 57 feet tall, is the world’s tallest man made monolithic sculpture. One needs to overcome a steep flight of nearly 614 stairs to reach the summit of the Vindhiyagiri Hill, where the Gommateshvara is situated.

The Gommateshvara Bahubali at Sravana Belagola

The Gommateshvara Bahubali at Sravana Belagola

Apart from the Gommateshvara, there are several other historic Jain temples in the neighbourhood. Emperor Ashoka, the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, erected the Chandragupta Basti atop the Chandragiri Hill, opposite to the Vindhyagiri Hill. Also located south of the main township, is the Bhandari Basti, Sravanabelagola’s largest temple. The Chandranatha Basti has well preserved paintings, depicting popular Jain legends.

Look out for….

The Mahamasthakabhisheka is an important Jain festival held once every twelve years in the town of Shravanabelagola in Karnataka, India. The festival is held in veneration of an immense 18 meter high statue of the Siddha Bahubali. The anointing last took place in February 2006, and the next ceremony will occur in 2018. During the ceremony, the statue is bathed in milk, sugarcane juice, and saffron paste, and sprinkled with powders of sandalwood, turmeric, and vermillion.

Mahamasthakabhisheka at Sravanabelagola

Mahamasthakabhisheka at Sravanabelagola

Bed and breakfast!

The nearest hotels are available at Hassan, the district headquarter, which is about 52Kms away.

Hoysala Village Resort

Nestled in a quiet and secluded corner of Hassan, it’s a luxury resort especially renowned for promoting ecotourism, with an organic village of it’s own nearby, spanning over 200 acres.

The scenic ambience at Hoysala resort

The scenic ambience at Hoysala resort

Facilities and services available:

  • Well maintained pool
  • Indoor games facilities: carom and table tennis
  • Bullock cart ride
  • Horse ride
  • Yoga & Spa (Ayurvedic massage)
  • Conference halls
  • Volleyball and  badminton courts
  • Cycling
  • Trekking

They provide two types of accommodation, cottage and suite, which is slightly more expensive. The rent is of three types, based on season and availability.