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Incredible India- Amazing Hyderabad

Want to taste the flavors of India? Visit Hyderabad. It is a fast developing IT city and the capital of Andhra Pradesh and also the recently established state of Telengana. It is a city of fixed flavors as you can find the modern and the ancient life style all encoded with a rich ancient history that is so well evident in the different monuments of the city like the temples, mosques, and other heritage buildings and architectures.

Mecca Masjid

Mecca Masjid

Hyderabad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and thus it is flocked by hordes of tourists from different parts of the world all throughout the year. It is thus not very surprising that several tourist agencies and the agents offer attractive tour packages to the city of Hyderabad along with different travel deals too. The city is also known for its cuisine and other products like the pearls and the leather. Thus if you are fond of retail therapy, Hyderabad can be a great booster for you in terms of shopping and indulging in some retail therapy.

When you think of Hyderabad, you also think of the Charminar. In fact, it is the face of Hyderabad to the world. Within 100 meters of the Charminar is located the Mecca Masjid which is one of the biggest mosques in Asia. Apart from these two quick views in Hyderabad, you can also spend a relaxing evening next to the Hussain Sagar Lake which is right next to the Eat Street which is also known as the Necklace Street in Hyderabad. The Necklace Street is very similar to the Marine Drive in Mumbai in terms of the look and décor. Apart from these, you can also stroll down to the Birla Temple and the NTR Gardens. You would need at least an entire day if you want to check out the collections at the Salar Jung Museum. It boasts of some awesome collections of the Nizams of Hyderabad and is worth a visit when you are in the city.

Hyderabad in the evening

Hyderabad in the evening

While in Hyderabad, you would want to look for preferably a good accommodation, cheap in terms of budget and clean for living. Well, that is not much of a problem either since there are several accommodations available in the city and they range from the 5 star Hotels Hyderabad to the budget hotels. You can make prior bookings or you can also walk down into a chosen hotel after reaching the city. However it is recommended that you make prior bookings to ensure confirmed living space.

Select a good hotel while on a holiday

If you are planning a tour of Kerala this spring, it is indeed the best choice that you can make for a relaxing trip that will rejuvenate you in a short time span. Planning a trip is never easy and you need to go through a lot of hassles in terms of the itinerary, accommodations, traveling within the area etc. While you can hire the services of a travel operator, he can certainly help you with the vacation plan to the core, but he can never make the hotel bookings for you. Thus it is imperative to say that you have to take care of the accommodation part all by yourself.

Kerala at Sunset

Kerala at Sunset

It is needless to say that while planning a proper tour itinerary requires certain knowledge and expertise, choosing to stay in an accommodation is rather subjective and hence it is up to the customer to make this selection according to the preference and of course the budget.

Selecting the hotel for accommodation is very personal as a choice and there is no one else in the world who can do it for you since it largely depends on certain personal factors like the budget that you have in mind and the standard of living that you are used to, the basic requirements that you have and also your expectations out of a place etc matters significantly while choosing the best hotel for staying purpose.

Thus when you are looking for the best hotels in south India for your vacation purpose, you must get involved in the tour planning and also spend some time researching on the internet to look for the best hotel that suits your preferences and also budget. The travel operators also recommend hotels some of the time when they have good feedback about any such hotels from the previous clients. However, you can always conduct your research and at the same time take a look at the recommendation from the tour operators so as to get the best deal in this regard.

River rafting in Kerala

River rafting in Kerala

Besides while you are on travel to Kerala, you must check the following factors while choosing a good hotel:

  1. The budget for staying is within your comfort limits.
  2. The location of the hotel is an important factor to be considered too.
  3. The category of the hotel is also worth your considerable factors as depending on it you would have an idea about the kind of living standards it offers.
  4. The quality of the food and the room should also fit your preferences and expectations.

Hyderabad- the city of the Nizams & Nawabs

When you talk about Hyderabad, you immediately visualize the Hussain Sagar Lake and the Buddha statue in the middle of the lake. Well, Hyderabad is the city of the Nizams and also of mouth smacking cuisines. Thus if you happen to be in this wonderful city of ancient history, you should also learn about the various tourist attractions in this city.

The market near Char Minar

The market near Char Minar


Hyderabad is also known as the Pearl City and is one of the best South Indian holiday destinations. When you are here, some of the places that you ought to visit include the Charminar which is the historical landmark of the city. It has four minarets and is located in the old city of Hyderabad. It is built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 as a memorial. It is originally a construction in wood that represents the tomb of the Muslim Saint Imam Hussain. It was used for safeguarding the city against cholera and as a charm. Later in 16th century, it was built with mortar and stone.

When you are in Hyderabad, you just cannot miss the Golconda Fort. It is one of the magnificent structures in India. It was the capital of Qutub Shahi kings from 1518 AD to 1687 AD. It is well known for its engineering marvels with sound engineering so prominent that if you clap at the entrance of the fort, the sound can resonate at the highest point of the fort.

The Mecca Masjid is located right in the vicinity of the Charminar and it is a symbolic mosque that was also built by Mohammed Qutub Shah. It is built from a single piece of granite and is one of the largest mosques in India. The Qutub Shahi Tombs are also historical monuments that boast of the magnificent architectural beauty of the dynasty.

The Salarjung Museum is one of the biggest collections of artifacts by an individual. It has in its collection at least 35000 antiques and other kinds of art objects that were all collected by the Nawab Laser Jung III who was the Prime Minister of the Nizam of Hyderabad. In fact there are so many things to see that you might not be able to cover all in a day’s visit to the museum. But when you are in Hyderabad, this place is worth the visit too.

Since Hyderabad is a tourist attraction, there is no dearth of accommodations in the city. Ranging from luxurious hotels to budget hotels in Hyderabad, and depending on your preference, accommodation is not a problem at all.

A trip down south to Goa and Kerala

It is always more fun to go for the unplanned trip. It is full of surprises and can surprise you with such bold activities that you never have given a thought to before. Such is the beauty of the unplanned and sudden trips. Goa is a tourist friendly place and it is also a popular tourist spots. It receives tourists from all over the world almost all throughout the year. Of course the peak season to visit Goa would be from October till June.


There are different ways of reaching Goa by road, rail and air as well. However, it is always a wise idea to make prior booking for the accommodations in Goa. There are several great places to stay and if you have the budget for it, you can also opt for the stay at 5 star hotel in Goa. There are a lot of sightseeing points and also other tourist destinations in Goa and you can also indulge in the various beach and water sports too like snorkeling, diving etc. The best thing about Goa is that it is a really small state and has an area of only 40 sq km. If you are able to hire a two wheeler or a car, you can crisscross the state in 3 days flat with all the sightseeing points covered well.

If you are on an unplanned trip, of course three days of holidaying is certainly not enough to fulfill your senses. Instead you can always take the trip to more down towards south, to the God’s own country of Kerala. Kerala is only 7 hours away from Goa and can be reached by road overnight. There is no dearth of accommodations in Kerala too and there are several tourist attractions that you can visit.

When it Kerala, if your budget allows, you can avail the luxury of the 5 star hotels in Kerala or even the tea resorts that are so abundantly available. The view of the tea plantations in Kerala like in Munnar is magnificent and there is no reason why you should miss being in this place at least once in your life time.

Kerala is covered with lots of greenery and it can be awesome to spend some quiet time at the Kerala Backwaters that is oh so famous in the state. Also do not forget to check out the Periyar National Park that is located at Thekkady while you are camping in Kerala.

A journey to Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is also popularly known as Vizag. It is an industrial city located on the coast of Andhra Pradesh and overlooks the Bay of Bengal. It is well known for its steel plant and also for its huge naval base of the country. Since the last few decades or so, vizag is also being counted as a major tourist destination.  It is a city full of surprises and if you ever happen to visit it once, you would like to go back their yet again.

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There are several hotels at Visakhapatnam and thus accommodation is never much of a concern.  When you are at the city, some of the nearest attractions that you can visit include the Rushikonda beach and also the Ramakrishna Beach. The Ramakrishna Beach is yet a virgin and thus is less frequented by people. So if you are looking for some serenity in your trip, you can always drop in here for a stroll in front of the vast expanse of the sea. Near the beach there is also the Kursura Submarine museum where you can walk in for a look. It is one of its kinds in the Asian continent.

The Rushikonda Beach instead is a crowded one and yet one of the most visited places in Vizag. Apart from the beaches, you can also visit Kailasha giri which is a 45 minutes bus ride from Vizag city. It is a mountain top that offers excellent view of the city with mountains stretching in between. You can also have a panoramic view of the city of Vizag from the mountain top. There are also huge statues of Lord Shiva and Parvati perched on the rock amidst the garden.

Next you can visit the Araku Valley and the Borra caves which are famed tourist destinations. You can visit the tribal museum where you can check out the lifestyle of the tribal people with life size models. Borra Caves on the other hand are dark and huge but they were illuminated with the help of fluorescent lamps so that you can see the stalactites and the stalacmites formation within the cave. They are formed as a result of deposition of the calcium bicarbonate.

You can visit Vizag from Hyderabad too. There are many cheap hotels in Hyderabad and the place is also great with several visits worthy locations like the Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Salarjung Museum etc.

Go Goa: Its carnival time!

If you are an adventure freak, you can plan an awesome road trip from Hyderabad to Goa. Goa is approximately 540 km away from Hyderabad. The shortest route on road is of course when you start from Hyderabad and take on the NH7 towards Raichur. From Raichur, you have to take the SH 20 which is in the state of Karnataka and take up the Lingasur, Hungund, Bagalkot, Yergatti, Belgaum, Londa and finally to Panaji.

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The road condition is great and there is less traffic too. Once you are in Goa, there are several marvelous things to do. Goa is an exotic state and is the smallest in the country. The tourism sector in Goa is busy all throughout the year and now they have decided to focus more on the promotion of the festival tourism in the state. Goa is known not only for its sun kissed beaches and the silvery white sand, but also for the carnivals and the other festivities that are spread all throughout the year.

For instance, the Goa carnival this year is happening on and from March 1st till 4th and there are some grand plans for the same. The carnival will be celebrated across seven cities and the main parade would be held at Panaji on 1st March. It is imperative to say that the carnival is a memorable experience not only for the locals but also for the tourists and visitors from different parts of the world.

It can be difficult to find accommodation at such times in Goa since tourists from different countries of the world flock to Goa in hordes to be an active participant in the carnival. But if you are planning to visit Goa during the carnival, you can book your tickets and the accommodations early in order to grab a decent staying place. There are several luxury resorts in Goa which you can avail if you make your bookings early.

Hyderabad on the other hand is a fast growing technological hub of India, holding the second place to Bangalore. Unlike Goa, Hyderabad has a lot of ancient history associated with the city. It was named in honor of Hyder Mahal, the wife of Quli Qutub Shah who was once the ruler of Hyderabad. You can visit Hyderabad on a weekend trip and explore the city. You can select some of the best hotels in Hyderabad for staying purpose. Some of the posh areas in the city are Banjara Hills, Ameerpet and Punjagutta.


Incredible India- the incredible Ooty!

The real name of Ooty is Ootacamund which is colloquially known as Ooty. It is the capital of the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu and is also known as the Udhagai or the Udagamandalam. Ooty is best known for its numerous tea plantations and estates and is also known lovingly as the Queen of hill stations in India.

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It is needless to say that Ooty is also one of the most popular hill stations in India and is a land of beautiful sceneries and picturesque landscapes. This is a small town that is located at an altitude of around 2240 meters above the sea levels. There are dense forests, lofty mountains, miles of greenery, tea gardens and estates and also wide grassland with scenic beauties all over the town. All these sceneries attract tourists in hordes from different parts of the world.

Did you know that this hill station was also a popular getaway for the British during the weekends and the summer? This town was also the summer capital for the Madras Presidency during the rule of the East India Company. Even the soldiers who were wounded in the war were sent here to recuperate; such is the miracle in the climate of this small scenic town.

When you are in Ooty, you must take a trip on the Nilgiri Toy Train as the trip without the train ride would be judged as an incomplete one. The slow toy train connects the town of Ooty with Mettupalayam which is located at the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains. Ooty can also be a fun place to shop around. Would you believe that you can get the winter clothes like the hats, gloves and also the jackets at a price of Rs 100 at this present day? Well, in Ooty, you would get such winter clothes at such amazing prices.

The main areas for shopping include the commercial road where you can visit the government outlets and shops. Since the main production in this town is tea, you can get a variety of tea for purchase and also tasting. You can also purchase the various organic products and honey that are bought to the market by the local farmers.

If you are in Ooty, places to stay are ample in number and accommodation is not a problem since the area is an attractive tourist spot. Places to stay in Ooty is several ranging from the luxurious ones and also the budget hotels. There are even the dormitories available for the students.

Kumarakom- the backwaters Paradise

Are you planning a trip to south of India? In that case, the state of Kerala is the ideal place to start. There are several small unexplored or nearly virgin spots that are worth making a visit, for instance, Kumarakom.

Kumarakom is located around 16km away from the Kottayam City in Kerala. It is one of the most popular destinations that thrive on backwater tourism in Kerala. Kumarakom is a small cluster of islands located on the Vembanad Lake. On the other hand, the Vembanad Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Kerala that also is a popular back water tourist spot in the state.


Apart from the back water tourism, there is also a huge bird sanctuary in Kumarakom that is spread across an area of around 14 acres. It is a preferred place for the migratory birds and also the ornithologists alike. If you are fond of bird watching or would like to try it as a hobby, you can visit this sanctuary since here you can spot several species of birds like the Darters, Egrets, Water Fowls, Herons, Teals, Wild zDuck, Siberian Stork, Cuckoo etc. Kumarakom also is the home to a huge range of stunning fauna and flora.

Among several activities in Kumarakom, you can also opt for some of the luxurious options like the fishing and boating etc. Since the town is surrounded by salt and the fresh water, fishing is a thriving business here. If you are fond of eating fish, this is the place to be as you can gorge on different marine and other fresh water fishes like the Shrimp, Karimeen, prawns etc. In fact, Kumarakom is one of the most popular Kerala tourism places to visit.

The best time to visit this small fishing town is during the months of September to March. The climate remains ideal for all kind of sightseeing, and other tourist activities. It is an ideal tourist destination and has a lot of animals, plants, reptiles, and different species of fishes, crabs, shrimps, squids, birds etc which makes this place worth a visit.

In the back water zone, you can hire the houseboat for staying purpose and experience the lagoons, lakes, aquatic life and also the canals that all spell scenic beauty at its best. After a wonderful stay at the houseboats, you can also visit Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. You can stay at the budget hotels in Trivandrum.

A complete travel guide to Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the city of the nizams and it is also the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is rich in terms of culture, history and heritage. It is a city that has always boasted to being multi ethnic since there has always been and still is a peaceful coexistence of the Hindus and the Muslims.


Hyderabad is well known as the city of pearls and diamonds, the delectable Hyderabadi cuisine and also the glass bangles. The culture of the city is also extremely diverse with the mixed culture of the hindu and the Muslims. There are several historical monuments and structures that bear the standing witness of the ancient culture and history of the city.

According to the legends, way back in 1589, the fifth ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty, Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah founded the city of Hyderabad next to the banks of River Musi for his beloved wife Bhagmati. It was then known as Bhagyanagar. Later Bhagmati was rechristened by the name of Hyder Mahal and accordingly Bhagyanagar became Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is one of the best holiday places in India as there are several areas worth visiting like the ones mentioned below:

Golconda Fort- this fort was originally built by the rulers of the neighboring state, the Kakatiyas. It was made with mud. Much later, the shahis converted the fort into an excellent piece of architecture with the use of the advanced acoustics. The sound signals if used in a proper manner at the entrance of the fort, can reach to the top most point of the fort without the use of any electrical gadgets. Golconda fort also hosts a light and sound show every evening that is a popular view among the tourists.

Charminar- being the land mark of the city of Hyderabad, it was built by Mohammed Qutub Quli Shah.

Salar Jung Museum- this holds one of the major attractions especially for the art lovers in Hyderabad. The collections at the museum have been put together by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, the prime minister of Nizam Osman Ali Khan.

Birla Mandir- built with white marbles in the year 1976, this temple is worth visiting in the city. It is located on one of the twin hills at the southern parts of the Hussain Sagar Lake. It is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara and the temple is also a replica of the Tirupati temple.

When you are in Hyderabad, there is no dearth of hotels Hyderabad for accommodation and thus it is ideal for your next vacation.


Explore the charms of south India

The tourist places in South India are breathtaking and they enchant the senses beyond imagination. If you want to get on to a stunning adventure of spectacular beauty along with huge architectural splendor and also captivating culture, South India is the best place to be. The places are the ideal combination of stunning beaches, serene hill stations, ancient temples and also several great services like the ever rejuvenating Ayurveda and the spa therapy.

Onam celebrations among girls

South India is a coveted destination for the tourists from all over the world, some of the marvelous d and best tourist places in south of India are the states of Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Even Andaman and the Nicobar Islands also fall under the south Indian region. The charm and the beauty of the south of India can be truly enchanting.


Kerala is defined as God’s own country. It is a treasure trove waiting to be explored by the tourists from across the globe. Kerala is also the ideal tourist destination with sun kissed beaches, lush hill stations, exotic backwaters, and even ancient temples, great cuisine along with refreshing Ayurveda therapy. One of the best attractions of Kerala is staying at the houseboats. It is one of the best destinations for the honeymooners and newly married. It is a romantic getaway in India. When you are in Kerala, you must visit the places like Munnar, Periyar, Alleppey, Cochin, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Thekaddy and also the Trivandrum.

Also you should never miss the Kerala Backwaters while in the state. While you are visiting Kerala backwaters, you can avail the accommodation at the houseboats. Some of the back water areas on which you can stay include the places like Alleppey, Cochin, Trivandrum, Kumarakom and Kovalam.

Bangalore is also a must visit place in south India. It is the IT hub of the country and is also known as the Garden City. When you are in Bangalore, places to stay in the city are several and you can avail the luxury hotels or the budget hotels as per your requirement and also the budget. Bangalore is the major stop for visiting all the different exotic tourist destinations in south India. You can get to Bangalore and plan your itinerary and visit the different tourist destinations accordingly. While in Bangalore, do not forget to check out the different monuments and gardens in the city. You can stay over in the city for a day or two and explore the place.