Dasara Extravaganza: Rs 32 Lakh for Upkeep of Jumbos in Mysore

Elephant parade for Mysore Dasara

It will cost around Rs 32 lakh for the 45-50 days period of maintenance of elephants especially called for Mysore Dasara. This is the approximate cost which would be spent on 14 elephants, who have reached the city from variegated camps. This expenditure is including the amount spent on mahouts as well as their family members, who would be living in the temporary shelter inside the premises of palaces.

Elephants for Mysore Dasara

An average cost of Rs 4,000 to Rs 4,500 is spent on a single elephant every day. This cost comprises everything ranging from transportation from forests to city, medicines, fodder, rope and chain costs along with the soft cloth placed on the back of elephants. Devaraj, the Deputy Conservator of Forests stated that the food expense is an average of Rs. 20 Lakh. The government has granted Rs. 25 Lakh and the district administration has sanctioned Rs. 7 Lakh for the same.

Elephant parade for Mysore Dasara

The diet of Mysore Dasara elephants includes jaggery, banyan tree branches, coconut, paddy, coconut, crushed groundnut extract and other foods rich in protein and nutrients. Six people are supplying fodder for Mysore Dasara special elephants.

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