Experience the Charm of Chennai this Vacation

Famed as the gateway of the South, Chennai is one of the leading cities of India. Capital to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is one of the leading destinations for holidaymakers. Despite of its prominence in the fields of health care, IT and for manufacturing, the city has very well managed to retain the spaciousness that is found lacking in the other cities of South. Though the city of Chennai is busy and vast, it’s still conservative and deeply attached to its roots and traditions.

Charm of Chennai this Vacation

The good old charm of Chennai can be found in its arts, culture and traditions. The dance, architecture, music, sculptures, arts and crafts of the city are a living testimonials to the age old glorious past of India. It is believed that the city of Chennai came into existence as a result of the strategic necessity and the historical accident. It was build by British and then it acted as the naval base and trading center for them. However, at the end of the 20th century, the city emerged as the major administrative center.

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Besides being an educational and cultural hub of South India, the city of Chennai is a witness of various historic movements. However, the city today is known as the major center of trade and commerce in the South. Technology, cars, hardware, manufacturing and health account for the major share of the economy of the city. Apart from this, Chennai has made a mark in the South India’s tourism sector in the last few years. Bestowed with sublime natural beauty and myriad of hot spots, it is just the stop by destination for holidaymakers. The Kapaleswar Temple, Fort Saint George, Government Museum, Old Portuguese style churches and Sri Parthasarathy Temple are some of the must-visits in Chennai.


Either for business or leisure, Chennai welcomes numerous visitors throughout the year. Catering to their needs and preferences of different travelers, there are myriad of hotels in Chennai available to choose from. Ranging from luxurious hotels, four stars and three stars to budget hotels, there are plenty of hotels in Chennai meeting the needs and preferences of travelers. Next time, when you plan a vacation to South, Chennai must be in your must-visit places’ list.

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