Exploring the Major Sea Bridges of India

India is simply incredible! Either its surreal natural beauty or amazingly beautiful water bodies, everything about this diverse country is just fascinating! The country is bordered by the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the big Indian Ocean. Kanyakumari is the point where the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea confluence with the great Indian Ocean. Owing to such a huge share of water bodies in India, there are some finest sea bridges here. Besides National Highways in India, the sea bridges have a vital role to play. Given below are the five major sea bridges of the country.


The Bandra-Worli Sea Link –Mahim


The remarkable Bandra–Worli Sea Link or the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link is the longest sea bridge of the country. This 5.6 km long cable-stayed bridge with 8 lanes links Bandra with Worli through the Mahim Bay, which is a part of the Arabian Sea.


The Pamban Road Bridge -Palk Strait


The beautifully build Pamban Road Bridge runs parallel to the Pamban Rail Bridge. This amazing marvel of Indian engineering is known to be the only surface transport link connecting the island and mainland of India. This sea bridge consists of 2 lanes for handling traffic.


The Pamban Rail Bridge -Palk Strait


Pamban Rail Bridge, also called as the Indira Gandhi Bridge is known to be the second longest sea bridge in India. With a total length of around 2.3 km, this sea bridge connects Rameswaram on Pamban Island to the other parts of mainland India via the Palk Strait.


Vashi Bridge


Renowned as Thane Creek Bridge, the Vashi Bridge is well known for being the first sea bridge connecting Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. Out of the four main entry points in Mumbai, it is one of them and links the beautiful city of Mumbai to the mainland of India across the Thane Creek.


Airoli Bridge -Thane Creek


After the famous Vashi Bridge, Airoli Bridge is the second most prominent sea bridge linking the city of dreams, Mumbai to Navi Mumbai through the Thane Creek. This 3.8 km long bridge directly makes a road link connecting the Thane-Belapur road in addition to the Eastern Express Highway.


Sea Bridges are as essential part of the transportation system as the National Highways in India. Many more sea bridges are proposed to join the list of these remarkable structures soon.

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