Flowers to Cost More at this Onam as the Output Falls

Onam preparations at peak

Malayalis are known to lay out the beautiful multi-cultural carpets designed intricately during the Onam celebrations. It is estimated that the flower supply for this 10-day of festivities may be affected owing to the high prices of the flowers as there will be a production fall in the drought affected farms of Tamil Nadu. The rains will play an integral role in the proper supply of flowers in this Onam 2013.

Onam  preparations at peak

Variety of colorful flowers such as vadamalli (bachelor button flower), marigolds, jasmines, tuberose and roses are usually brought to Kerala from Tamil Nadu for Onam 2013. Kanyakumari’s Thovalai flower market is famed as one of the biggest flower markets in the state and it used to move approximately 20 tonnes of flowers each day on the eve of Onam and 5,000 Kerala traders flock to this market. It receives flowers from all corners of the state including Hosur and Sathyamangalam in North Tamil Nadu along with 50 plus villages located near the market. However, the farmers are pinning all their hopes on the rains that favor the growth of flowers.

Traditional way of celebrating Onam

P Durairaj, a flower farmer hailing from Leppaikudiyiruppu in Tamil Nadu stated, “The flower cultivation turned out to be a tough ordeal this year without water. Many of us raised flowers with minimum water from wells but even they dried out at one point. Many farmers have not raised the flower crops this year; hence the flower supply will be less for Onam.”

As per A. Karunanidhi, a flower merchant in Thovalai the less supply of flowers this year would raise the prices. He further added, “It is evident that the supply will be less this year, thus pulling up the prices. But it all depends on the last few days ahead of Onam.”

Colorful flowers for Onam celebrations

With all their hopes on rains in the coming 15 days, the framer explained, “The rains are going to be crucial in the coming days. Good rains will produce quality flowers and improve the supply, but the situation is dicey as heavy rains may spoil the harvest.”

Nilakottai and nearby villages in Dindigul district also supply flowers to Kerala besides Thovalai. Madurai flower market that once dominated the flower supply share has now lost it to Thovalai.

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