Hotels in Bangalore Go All out to Impress Customers

A view of Bangalore hotel

For standing out from the crowd, the hotels in Bangalore are doing it all to impress the elite class customers. Owing to the fact that a wide range of hotels are mushrooming in the city every year and revenue per average room (RevPAR) is slashing, Bangalore hotels are coming up with unique initiatives to get a competitive edge over others.

Luxury hotel in Bangalore

For instance, the Ritz Carlton Hotel from the famous Marriot Group has a policy according to which every hotel employee is provided with a sum of $2000 that they can spend on their guests if needed. Gurleen Bhalla, the human resource director of the hotel stated that, “The main idea behind this is to let our employees know that they should not restrict themselves when it comes to making a guest feel comfortable. So if our guest wishes to have their room decorated in a different style, the housekeeping staff can do the needful with the money given to them.”

A view of Bangalore hotel

As per industry experts such kind of services would help the Bangalore hotels to stand out from the crowd. Another expert from the hotel consultancy firm stated, “There is no other way hotels can distinguish themselves other than some unique services it provides to its customers. At a time when the number of hotel chains are increasing, the only way they can have customers coming back to them is through their initiatives which are unique to them.”

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