How to pick up a good hotel.

Its easy for people who travel frequently to pick up a good budget hotel or a luxurious one that can serve their best interests. But often people who are novices in the field of travel, find it difficult to find a perfect place for accommodation that fits to their taste and requirements, be it the case when you are travelling alone or with a family.


We sometimes find some best hotels, 4-star hotels lagging behind 2-star hotels when it comes to hospitality. Various guests express their disappointment  through many media forums and reviews on famous sites, that luxurious hotels are not doing up-to-the mark service for the money they pay.

The main qualities one should look for in a good hotel are:

Cleanliness, Safety, Convenience to sites of interest, and its price.

The first and foremost thing a guest notices when he/she enters the room is, if its clean or not. And when the hotels which claim to provide all the basic amenities fail to do so, that’s when they earn the consumer’s wrath.

The hospitality of the staff and their service is also scrutinized. The hotels you choose to stay should have good security and be trustworthy. Proximity to the places of your business is also accounted. Last but not the least, when the above all are not satisfied or satisfied, it all boils down to how much the guest paid and is the service the value of their money or not.

When the hotel staff are welcoming and take care of their guests, it makes the guests feel like visiting again, and they would also recommend the hotel to their peers.

So, if you are someone looking for a comfortable stay, its not necessary that you always opt the branded hotels, or a 4-star or 5-starred ones. Best thing you can do is a bit of research from online forums about the quality of service a hotel provides, and read the reviews of guests who had been to those hotels. There’s a good chance that you find certain cheap hotels providing better service than the luxurious ones in different aspects.

When it comes to the Food issue, you should make sure that hotel has a restaurant. And if not, at least it should be near to some restaurants. You definitely don’t want to travel long way when you’re hungry just for the sake of good food!

That said, make intelligent choices, read reviews and then choose the hotel that best suits you.

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