Hyderabad- the city of the Nizams & Nawabs

When you talk about Hyderabad, you immediately visualize the Hussain Sagar Lake and the Buddha statue in the middle of the lake. Well, Hyderabad is the city of the Nizams and also of mouth smacking cuisines. Thus if you happen to be in this wonderful city of ancient history, you should also learn about the various tourist attractions in this city.

The market near Char Minar

The market near Char Minar


Hyderabad is also known as the Pearl City and is one of the best South Indian holiday destinations. When you are here, some of the places that you ought to visit include the Charminar which is the historical landmark of the city. It has four minarets and is located in the old city of Hyderabad. It is built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 as a memorial. It is originally a construction in wood that represents the tomb of the Muslim Saint Imam Hussain. It was used for safeguarding the city against cholera and as a charm. Later in 16th century, it was built with mortar and stone.

When you are in Hyderabad, you just cannot miss the Golconda Fort. It is one of the magnificent structures in India. It was the capital of Qutub Shahi kings from 1518 AD to 1687 AD. It is well known for its engineering marvels with sound engineering so prominent that if you clap at the entrance of the fort, the sound can resonate at the highest point of the fort.

The Mecca Masjid is located right in the vicinity of the Charminar and it is a symbolic mosque that was also built by Mohammed Qutub Shah. It is built from a single piece of granite and is one of the largest mosques in India. The Qutub Shahi Tombs are also historical monuments that boast of the magnificent architectural beauty of the dynasty.

The Salarjung Museum is one of the biggest collections of artifacts by an individual. It has in its collection at least 35000 antiques and other kinds of art objects that were all collected by the Nawab Laser Jung III who was the Prime Minister of the Nizam of Hyderabad. In fact there are so many things to see that you might not be able to cover all in a day’s visit to the museum. But when you are in Hyderabad, this place is worth the visit too.

Since Hyderabad is a tourist attraction, there is no dearth of accommodations in the city. Ranging from luxurious hotels to budget hotels in Hyderabad, and depending on your preference, accommodation is not a problem at all.

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