Keralites celebrate Onam with Great Fervor across the Gulf

People celebrating Onam in traditional way

Keralites settled in the Gulf countries celebrated Onam, the harvest festival of South India with great enthusiasm and traditional fervor. The expatriates took part in preparing the Onam special meal, Onam Sadya, which consists of 20 to 30 dishes served on banana leaves along with variety of vegetables, payasam, rice and banana.

Onam pookalam decorationm

According to Gopa Kumar, who is one of those many Keralites working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), “We do miss colourful celebrations with a lot of activities back home.” He further stated that, “But at the same time this occasion reminds us the advantages of life in the UAE.”

On the occasion of Onam, his mother-in-law and wife woke up early in the morning to prepare the special dish of Onam Sadya for the family including two school-going kids. Kumar further said, “Being a working day, we prepared the Onam Sadya before leaving for work and came back in the afternoon to enjoy the feast together.”

Beautiful pookalam at Onam

For Onam celebrations in Saudi Arabia, the Indian schools and Indian embassy observed a holiday while the restaurants and hotels run by the Keralites prepared Onam Sadya as their Onam special dish. Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam are the places in Saudi Arabia where maximum number of Keralites live. The hotels here welcomed large number of people for the special festival feast.

People celebrating Onam in traditional way

Balakrishna Pillai, who works as a design engineer in Saudi Arabia said that, “Being a Keralite I have to celebrate our national harvest festival wherever I am living.” On the other hand, in Oman, various catering establishments and hotels did a great business, however most of them faced difficulties in meeting the orders for Onam Sadya, reported the Times of Oman.

According to a hotelier in Ruwi, “By 11.30 a.m. itself, we stopped taking further orders for takeaways because we knew we would be unable to meet the demand.”

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