Mangalore: The Perfect Gateway to Karnataka

Renowned as the gateway to Karnataka, the spectacular city of Mangalore is located between the azures of the Arabian Sea and the bewitching green hills of Western Ghats. It is believed that the city derived its name from the lord Mangaladevi and dates back its existence to the 14th century during the time when the local rulers made trading contacts with the Persian Gulf kingdoms. The glorious history of this picturesque city lies in the fact that many British, Portuguese and Mysore rulers including Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali fought battles in order to claim their rule over this city.


 Tannirbavi Beach


Home to various rulers, the city of Mangalore is today seen as the amalgamation of distinct cultures and traditions. Along with this, the charming city has made its reputation as one of the leading ports in India as well as for handling a significant portion of the country’s cashew and coffee exports. With its unique and impressive cultural traditions such as Krishna Janmashtami, Yakshagana and Karadai Vesha dance, the place draws the attention of visitors throughout the country. Further presenting a rich linguistic profile, the city of Mangalore is truly a melting pot of varied traditions and cultures.




Sprawling across an area of 132.45 square km over the backwaters of Netrvati and Gurpura rivers, Mangalore is blessed with heart-pounding natural beauty that would definitely make you go head over heels for the place. The alluring Arabian sea shore packed with pristine beaches and swaying palms offers a simply breathtaking view to the visitors. The city is dotted with lush green hills and traditional houses topped with red tiled roofs inhabiting the locals. Sultan Battery, Rosario Cathedral, Someshwar beach and Tannirbhavi beach are some of the must visits in Manglaore.


 visits in Manglaore


Drawing the attention of visitors from different parts of the country, Mangalore perfectly caters to the accommodation needs of visitors. From lavish properties to budget hotels in Mangalore, there are plenty of options to look around in this city. Also, the semi-luxury travelers can make their way to the four star or the three star hotels in Mangalore, which would serve you in the best possible way. This vacation, Mangalore can be your travel destination!

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