Road Trip from Bangalore to Coorg: A Rejuvenating Experience

Coorg or the “Scotland of India” was calling us from a very long time and so this vacation we decided not to cancel our plan in any way! So, there we planned out next road trip to Coorg, a scintillating destination in India. It is obviously not a big hassle for people to plan out the perfect trip when there is availability of so many useful links giving all the information in just a click! But a road trip planning is not that easy and adopting the do-it-yourself approach we started with our most awaited road trip from Bangalore to Coorg.



Bangalore to Coorg by road is refreshing as well as challenging experience at the same time. Refreshing, as you would get to see the sublime natural beauty of mountainous roads and at the same time it is challenging for the steep curves and narrow bends of the route. Almost 260 km long route from Bangalore to Coorg takes over fiver hours by road. As there is no direct railway service between these two places, driving would be the best way to cover the route. Starting our road travel from Bangalore, we crossed several places and finally arrived our destination i.e., Coorg. You can even take a direct bus for covering the distance from Bangalore to Coorg by road. It would take around 6 hours to reach the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation bus stand of Coorg.


No doubt, driving to Coorg is a wonderful experience, but there are certain essentials that you should seriously watch out for! The tempting Mysore roads do give you the freedom to speed up the vehicle, but a little bit of carelessness and impulsiveness can put in you in great trouble. While driving, avoid overtaking the buses & trucks, watch out for bad bumps and steep turns on the Mysore road.




Coorg with its magnetic beauty is simply a wonderful holiday destination and the best part is the distance we traversed to reach this paradise. It was just fantastic and is still afresh down the memory lane!




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