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The most important IT hub of India – Bangalore

Bangalore is a bustling metropolitan city and the capital of Karnataka, a state in southern part of India. Bangalore is also a very important IT hub of the country and hence many people worldwide and from all over India visits this city everyday for work purpose as well as for tourism. This city is well known for its happening nightlife and many youngsters work in the IT industry, this city has many amazing shopping malls, night clubs as well as pubs that make Bangalore the most phenomenal city in India. There are also many places of interest in and around Bangalore that you can visit.

Bangalore is one of the most happening cities of India

Bangalore is one of the most happening cities of India

Apart from experiencing and enjoying the vibe of this city, you can visit Coorg, which is a hill station and Goa, which is the most popular sea side location of India. Although Goa is a union territory, it shares the border with Karnataka making it close to Bangalore. While Goa promises great parties and beautiful sea beaches, Coorg is the paradise for nature lovers with the lush green vegetation all around. Hence regardless of what purpose you visit Bangalore for; you can visit these two locations too for fun as well as for escaping the hustle and bustle of Bangalore.

The weather of Bangalore is such that it only aids in tourism. The climate of Bangalore remains cool and pleasant almost all through the year and hence you can choose to visit this city at any time of the year. But since such great amounts of people visit this capital city of Karnataka every single day for various purposes, you would do well to get your accommodation booked in advance. You would surely get a Bangalore hotel even if you do not book your accommodation in advance, but it might not be up to your preferences. You can find cheap hotel in Bangalore as well as expensive resorts too.

aerial view of Bangalore at night

aerial view of Bangalore at night

Bangalore is well connected to all major cities of India as well as some of the major cities of the world by flights and trains. You can also avail buses from the neighboring states of Karnataka as well as from the other different parts of Karnataka. The transport system within the city is impeccable too such that you would not have any problem getting around. Hence plan your trip to this wonderful metropolitan capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore for a memorable, fun and great vacation experience.

Bangalore – one of the best tourist places in south India

South India is an extensive part of India but nevertheless due to its peninsular shape, entire south India can be traveled within around a month. There are four states and three union territories that fall under the region of south India. The states are Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu while the union territories are Goa, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep islands. If you do not have time to cover the entire south of India, you can take one state or union territory at a time to explore the unique culture and beauty of south India. You can start with Bangalore which is one of the best tourist places south India.

Bangalore skyline at night

Bangalore skyline at night

Bangalore is not only a famous tourist spot in south India it is also a very important metropolitan city, the capital city of Karnataka and a very important IT hub of India as well. Hence it is no wonder that there is a constant flow of people to and from this city. People from all over the globe as well as India visit this bustling city for as much holidays and enjoyment as for work related purposes. Hence you would never have a dearth of proper places to stay in Bangalore. There are resorts that are luxurious, private hotels at budget prices as well as government guest houses and tourist lodges at excellent locations.

Bangalore is a city that is most popular for its happening nightlife and fast paced city life. If you want to enjoy and experience the life at a metropolitan city in India, Bangalore would be a perfect place. There are many places around Bangalore that are worth visiting too on weekends. A place like Coorg which is a hill station is excellent for weekend getaways. Goa is very near to Bangalore too and can well be visited on a long weekend. The best thing about Bangalore is that the weather of this city is almost constant throughout the year and it is cool as well as pleasant. Hence you can visit this city any time of the year.

Bangalore metro is a great way to travel within the city

Bangalore metro is a great way to travel within the city

Being such an important city, Bangalore is extremely well connected to the rest of India by trains and flights. It is also connected by buses with the neighboring states and cities. Transport within the city is also easily available and with the well maintained roads it is easy to travel within the city in buses as well as in hired cars and taxis.

Visit Coorg on a long weekend from Bangalore

Bangalore is not only the capital city of Karnataka but it is also a very important metropolitan, a tourist spot as well as an important IT hub of India. Hence it is no wonder that many people from around the world and from all over India visits this city. The flow of people visiting Bangalore never ceases or even lessens since there are not only tourists but also professionals who visit this happening city for the purpose of work. Another reason for this continuous flow of people is also the fact that the weather of Bangalore remains almost the same throughout the year and it is quite pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold.

the beautiful Bangalore city

the beautiful Bangalore city

Apart from being all the above, Bangalore also serves as a great base point from where you can visit the many beautiful location of south India on long weekends or during the summer holidays of your kids. South India has a myriad variety of places that are beautiful, historically fascinating as well as offers a sneak peak into the unique yet interesting culture of south India. There are many resorts, hotels as well as government guest houses for catering to the accommodation needs to all the people visiting this charming city. For booking a hotel in Bangalore you can take the help of the Internet since it is advised that you book in advance to avoid any hassles.

Coorg is a paradise for nature lovers

Coorg is a paradise for nature lovers

One of the best places that you can and should visit during your stay in Bangalore is Coorg. It is a lovely hill station with a few stunning waterfalls and hilly slopes covered in lush green vegetation. This quaint hill station on the laps of the Western Ghats is a popular choice and is a paradise for nature lovers. There is peace, calm as well as quiet and you can spend your long weekend or a few days in the company of only the picturesque nature. You do not need to worry about getting a hotel in Coorg either. The reason is since tourism is encouraged in Karnataka, hence there are great tourist lodges in excellent locations as well as private hotels and resorts in ample numbers.

Coorg is easily reachable from Bangalore by hired cars or buses as well. And Bangalore is well connected to the rest of the country by flights, trains and buses as well as many important international cities by flights. Hence be ready to have a great time.

The two most important cities of south India – Chennai and Banglore

The two most visited locations of south India are Chennai and Bangalore. While Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, Bangalore is the capital of the neighboring state Karnataka. Apart from being extremely famous tourist destination, both Chennai and Bangalore are also important IT hubs as well as important metropolitan cities. Hence it is no wonder that both these cities receive a huge number of people from all over India as well as from all over the globe. If you too are planning a trip to Chennai or have a professional work to take care of in Bangalore, make sure you utilize this opportunity to have a look around.

Chennai is a beautiful seaside metropolitan

Chennai is a beautiful seaside metropolitan

There are many places to see near Bangalore as well as Chennai, apart from the main cities. Bangalore is famous for its happening nightlife while in Chennai you would be able to get a glimpse of the unique culture of south India. Chennai also has beautiful beaches that you can explore. Around both Chennai and Bangalore there are hill stations as well as historical places that you can visit. The places around Chennai that is worth a visit are Madurai, Ooty and Coimbatore. Madurai and Coimbatore have beautiful temples while Ooty is a famous hill station with the majestic Nilgiri hills as its main attraction.

the busy streets of Bangalore

the busy streets of Bangalore

The places that you can visit around Bangalore include Mysore with its famous Mysore Palace, Coorg, which is a very popular and stunning hill station of Karnataka and Mangalore. Goa is in close proximity to Bangalore as well and hence if you wish, you can also make a quick trip to the exquisite beaches of Goa. For traveling to Bangalore and Chennai as well as for touring around these two cities, there are buses as well as trains and flights connection. Due to the importance of both these metropolitan cities as tourist places and IT hubs, the transport network with the rest of the country is excellent.

While visiting thee two cities, it would be a good idea to get your accommodations booked in advance. For a hotel in Chennai or Bangalore or in both the cities, you can take the help of the Internet. Find hotels, check reviews and book your accommodation. Due to the busy nature of both Bangalore and Chennai, it can be extremely difficult to get good accommodations, if you do not book in advance. hence travel without worry by having your hotels booked.

The happening city of Bangalore

India is an amazing country that has a variety of places of interest for tourists. India is vastly divided into two parts, namely north India and south India. While north India mostly has hill stations, south India mostly boasts of beautiful beaches. North India is wide and hence cannot be covered all at once but since south of India is peninsular and hence can be toured at once, only if you have quite a few days time in your hands. Three union territories and four states make up the south of India and each state as well as union territory has something great to offer to tourists, in terms of places of interest and culture.

the happening UB city of Bangalore

the happening UB city of Bangalore

One of the best tourist places in south India is Bangalore. This important metropolitan city of India is the capital of the south Indian state Karnataka. Apart from being a very popular tourist spot, Bangalore is also a very important IT hub of India. Hence it is no wonder that people from all over India as well as all over the globe visit Bangalore and there is a steady flow of people in and out of the city. This bustling city is well known for its night life and if you want to enjoy the real vibe of young India, you would have to experience the happening and fast life of Bangalore.

There are many places of interest that you can visit in and around Bangalore, from hill stations to temples. But most people visit this vibrant city to have a great time experiencing metropolitan lifestyle. This city is a very important tourist spot as well as an IT hub, like it is mentioned above and hence it is extremely well connected to the rest of India by flights, trains as well as buses with the neighboring south Indian states and union territories. All you would need to do is book your seats on a flight or a train or a bus and be prepared to have the time of your life.

luxurious Bangalore hotels

luxurious Bangalore hotels

Since Bangalore receives tourists as well as professionals every single day, you would do well to book your accommodation in advance. For Bangalore places to stay you can consult the Internet. There is no dearth of hotels or resorts or guest houses in Bangalore. From budget private hotels to luxurious star resorts to government guest houses, Bangalore has it all for anyone and everyone.

The bustling city of Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital city of the state of Karnataka, a very popular tourist destination in south India. Karnataka is home to many other beautiful tourist holiday spots like Mysore and Coorg but Bangalore is probably the most popular of all destinations of Karnataka. The reason is that apart from being a tourist destination, this city is also home to many companies, especially it is one of the biggest IT hubs of India. Professionals from all over India as well as the world visit Bangalore every single month for the purpose of work. This bustling city is also one of the four biggest metropolitan of India.

beautiful city Bangalore

beautiful city Bangalore

Bangalore boasts of the two most important things of human life, work and pleasure. There are many companies, like it is mentioned above and hence young professionals from all over India and world come here for work. There is pleasure galore for the youngsters and tourists as well, in the form of nightclubs, bars and shopping malls. There are many tourist spots around Bangalore that you can visit as well. But while in the city you have to enjoy the city’s famous and happening nightlife more than anything else. If you are there on work, you should utilize the weekends to visit the other famous places of Karnataka.

To accommodate the numerous numbers of tourists as well as professionals coming to Bangalore every month throughout the year, it has a wide selection of hotels. To book a Bangalore hotel, you can take the help of the Internet and pre book online or you can also find a cheap hotel in Bangalore when you reach. The former option is a better idea since with the huge number of people visiting Bangalore everyday; it might be a problem finding a good and cheap place to stay once you reach the city. You can choose among the budget hotels and the luxurious resorts that are available at every point in this happening city of Karnataka.

the road network of Bangalore

the road network of Bangalore

To visit Bangalore you can take a flight or a train since Bangalore is well connected to the rest of the country through flights and trains. Within the city you can choose to travel by hiring a car or local transport like buses or auto or taxis. The transport system of the city is excellent too, like everything else about the city. You would surely fall in love with Bangalore once you visit it.

A trip to Chennai from Bangalore

Chennai is located in the southern most part of India and is a major commercial and cultural center in India. It is also one of the four metropolises in India and is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Chennai has deep rooted culture and tradition that is based on the Dravidian civilization. For instance, for most residents of the city and the state of Tamil Nadu, the day begins with the wishes and prayers to Sri Venkatesha Supravatam and also by doing up the kolams or rangolis in their home premises.


At present, Chennai is a thriving center for the health care, technology and the manufacturing industries for the country. It also boasts of a huge film industry that churns out several movies throughout the year. When you talk about the art and culture, you would have to speak about the Hindustani classical Carnatic music and the dance form known as Bharatnatyam both of which originates in Chennai. AR Rahman the aced musician who won the Oscar hails from Chennai and is also known as the Mozart of Madras.

Chennai is also the main getaway for other tourist attractions like Mahabalipuram, Tirupati, and Pondicherry etc. Check out the various temples in Chennai and the Madras Museum which is the most visited places in the city. There are many other museums in Chennai that are worth visiting especially if you have keen interest in art and history. Pongal is the main festival of Chennai and is celebrated in January for a period of 5 days.


Accommodation in Chennai is not much of a hassle as you can always find endless number of hotels in Chennai for staying over and touring the city. Bangalore which is the capital of Karnataka is just 350 km away from Chennai. It is also known by several other names like Bengaluru, Pensioner’s Paradise and The Garden City of India.

Some of the best visiting places in Bangalore include the Lal Bagh which is a botanical garden established by Hyder Ali. It is well known for the annual flower show every year. The rock of Lal Bagh that dates back to 3000 million years is also an attraction that you must visit. Cubbon Park is another attraction designed by Richard Sankey. Apart from these gardens and parks, some other places to see near Bangalore include the historical monuments like the Bangalore Fort and the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan, the Bangalore Palace and the Mayo Hall.

Coorg- The eternal beauty of South

Coorg is also known as Kodagu. No matter what you call the place, it is such a beauty that it will continue to haunt you to forever, simply because it offers a splendor that is classic. Coorg has a fascinating past and also offers splendors in terms of natural scenic beauty that is so strongly scented with oranges and coffee since Coorg is well known for the plantation of oranges and tea estates.

Coorg is located in the middle of the imposing mountains and also verdant valleys. There are several forests which are covered with teak wood. Coorg is in fact one of the best hill stations that you can visit, particularly if you are based in Bangalore. You can always opt for a weekend tour at Coorg. It is a delight for all those who love adventurous holidays. It is also a romantic getaway for the newlyweds and the honeymooners.

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If you are adventure freak, you can take your choice among the adventure sports like hiking, trekking and even angling. You can also avail the spa treatments in Coorg. The climate is pleasant and the scenic beauty is such that it will keep calling you back for more visits ever after.

Coorg is also known as the Kashmir of the South or the Scotland of India. The ambiance is cool and the beauty is magnificent. The altitude of this hill station is around 3500 Feet above the sea level. When you visit in Coorg, you would definitely want to look for proper accommodation. There are many staying options and you can choose your hotel in Coorg as per your budget convenience.

It is always advisable that when you plan a holiday trip, it is important to make proper planning. Thus booking of the hotel rooms for accommodation in advance is something that you must take care of. Whether you are planning a trip to Coorg or in Bangalore, booking a hotel in Bangalore or Coorg in advance is something that you must ensure if you want to go for a hassle free trip.

In Coorg for instance, there are most hotels available at a range between Rs 3000 to Rs 8000 and they even organize for the various sightseeing programs and other visiting programs to the various tourist spots like the coffee, tea and the orange plantation. Coorg is only 5 hours driving distance from Bangalore and is an ideal place for a quick getaway during the weekend.

Places to explore in Bangalore

Bangalore was earlier known as the Pensioner’s Paradise. But now, it is a fresh and a dynamic city. There is a lot of things to do in Bangalore and lots of places to explore. There are great eateries to try out the special south Indian cuisine, luxurious accommodations, quaint boutiques, wellness retreats, and lots of gardens and parks to explore.

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The climate of Bangalore is essentially mild all throughout the year and the environment is fresh with lots of greeneries. Bangalore is also a major starting point for visiting the other Karnataka tourism places like the tea plantation of Coorg, the ornate areas of Srirangapatnam and Mysore, the silk factories located in Ramanagaram and also the ancient temples of Somanthpur for their excellent architecture.

There are lots of places worth visiting in Bangalore. Some of them are mentioned below:

The Tipu Sultan Palace and Fort

Tipu Sultan was also known as the Tiger of Mysore and he was a prominent ruler of Mysore. The fort of Tipu Sultan was originally built in 1537 and was established by Kempe Gowda and much later expanded by Tipu Sultan. It is also known as the Abode of Peace and is famous for the gorgeous looking architecture along with excellent carvings from teakwood. The fort also has a lot of hidden chambers worth exploring. There is also a museum within the fort compound and there are excellent collections of historical photos.

The Bangalore palace is yet another place worth visiting. This palace is built as a replica of the Windsor Castle in London and is now used for hosting public events and private parties as well. You can also explore the gothic windows along with the huge turrets and the ivories and enjoy the serenity of the palace in the midst of the busy streets of Bangalore.

The vidhana soudha is the home for the state legislature and is conceived by the chief minister of the then Mysore state, Kengal Hanumanthaiah. The public entry is restricted otherwise and if you intend to explore this excellent splendor, you must arrange for necessary permissions earlier than your trip.

Places to stay in Bangalore

Bangalore boasts of several accommodations. There are many 5 star resorts in Bangalore that are worth staying in. Apart from those, there are also of course many other budget hotels and home stays available in the city. Thus accommodation is not must of a cause for concern when you are busy in planning for a city ride.


Visit the Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore

Bangalore is not only one of the hippest metropolises in India, it is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. You must travel to the city to explore the various attractions of Bangalore like the famous Lakes, the heritage buildings, the various information technology parks and even the technology museums and several gardens among others.

Bangalore is also known as Bengaluru colloquially. It is located in the south eastern region of Karnataka and is also the capital city of the state. It is also known as the Garden city since there are several parks and gardens in and around the city. Bangalore is the IT hub of the country and it is also known as the Pub city since there are many pubs in the city.

budget hotels in Bangalore are available in plenty

Bangalore was also considered as the paradise for the pensioners earlier, but now it has the largest number of office employees compared to the other metropolises in India. Like any other city, you might initially find it rather confusing to locate different parts of the city as it can be rather confusing initially. But it will only take you a week’s time to know the different traveling routes of the city. There are several places to stay in Bangalore and finding a suitable accommodation is not very difficult. There are budget hotels, luxury hotels and even home stay options available and you can look for something that suits your budget.

Some of the heritage buildings in Bangalore that are worth visiting include the Vidhana Soudha which is the legislature and the assembly of the state. It is also the largest legislature building in India and is built entirely with granite. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Bangalore. Just opposite to the Vidhana Soudha is the Attara Kacheri which is the High Court of Bangalore.

Bangalore is also well known for its various parks and the botanical gardens. The lal Bagh Botanical Garden is worth visiting. It was laid by Haider Ali in the year 1760 and is spread across 240 acres at the heart of the city. The Cubbon Park that was laid by Sir John Meade Cubbon is also worth visiting a place. Bangalore is the major stopping point for visiting all other tourist places South India. If you are planning to visit South India on a holiday trip, make sure to keep Bangalore as a place worth exploring in your travel itinerary. You will not regret your decision.