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Mysore Police will Get Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad

Kids performing in Mysore Dasara

Mysore, the tourist hub is all set to equip its police force with a bomb detection and disposal squad. The state home minister, K J George told that the Mysore police is working on the details for creating this squad. The home ministry department of the city has especially stationed this bomb detection and disposal squad at the Mysore Dasara festival.

Kids performing in Mysore Dasara

After giving an eye to the security measures taken by the police for Mysore Dasara, the state home minister stated, “We’ve taken adequate security measures to ensure that the festival passes of peacefully. These are precautionary measures and not because of terrorist threats. There will be general alarm and the cops will take care of that.”

Night Lightning at Mysore Palace

He also had a meeting with police commissioner Mohammed A Saleem and SP Abhinav Khare and DC C Shikha. DGP Lalrokhuma Pachu was also a part of the meeting and he briefed about the security measures that are put in place to ensure smooth festive ambiance in the city. Saleem informed that they are outfitted with 50 per cent of the metal detectors, door frame as well as hand held, available with the state police for ensuring there is no lack in security. These are summoned from 12 different districts for the festival while adding that they are also installing 20 CCTV cameras at the Banni Mantap Grounds as well as opening a control room for monitoring footage.

The Golden Throne All Set for Display in Mysore for Dasara

Traditional Dasara celebrations in Mysore Palace

The major attraction of Mysore Dasara festival, the golden throne was kept out from the strongroom of the Mysore Palace on Sunday and readied for Dasara festivities. This iconic piece of priceless heritage will be used by Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar of the earlier royal family for organizing the Khas Durbar or the private durbar.

Dasara festivities

For Mysore visitors, it’s the only opportunity of witnessing the glimpse of this royal throne as it will be again dismantled and kept in the strongroom of the Palace after the festivities of Dasara. The golden throne features a main seat, a beautiful umbrella and a series of steps leading to the royal throne. All these parts were assembled along with spiritual rituals and supervised by a group of priests on Sunday. Following this, a curtain was drawn to cover the golden throne. The throne will be kept for public display from October 5 to 13.

Traditional Dasara celebrations in Mysore Palace

Though the throne is a major part of Mysore Dasara, it is surrounded by mysteries. It is believed that it was gifted by the Mughals, a legend associated it with the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. As per to the legend, the throne was buried in Penugonda, which is now in Andhra Pradesh and was retrieved back by the Harihara-I, know to be one of the founders of Vijayanagara Empire after following the instructions of sage Vidyaranya.

A Permanent Web Address for Dasara

Beautiful view of Mysore city at Dasara night

Dasara is one of the biggest-ticket events in the opulent city of Mysore. The festival has now got a permanent web address. The National Informatics Centre has collaborated with the district administration in order to get a permanent official web address www.mysoredasara.gov.in. This unique website address will not change like the previous ones. According to a web developer, “Besides this, the government has control over the domain, unlike earlier when private persons, who developed the website, controlled the domain name.” He further said that, “The government can renew the domain name now.”

Dasara celebrations in Mysore

The new website has an added feature of having content in approximately 60 languages, live chats, and online support through email-based Dasara queries. The content of the Dussehra 2013 website has been created by a Mysore-based web developer Dot Angle. The website was made effective soon after its launch at Mysore Palace Board by the district minister V Srinivas.

Beautiful view of Mysore city at Dasara night

The website is also provided with an attractive photo gallery, vintage videos of earlier Dasara celebrations and all the information about accommodation and food. What makes this Dussehra 2013 website handy is event-wise listing. Even the website also contains an interactive poll corner for tapping the public mood on different Dasara-related issues.