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Goa – have fun in the sun

The splashing sea, the happening parties and the stunning beaches is what makes Goa one of the hottest tourist spots of India. This small union territory located in the western part of India between the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka is especially popular with the youth. Families visit Goa too for some fun in the sun and for the lure of the varied water sports. Goa, you can say, is a piece of heaven for beach lovers in India. Goa does not disappoint any tourist either since there are beaches with happening parties as well as beaches for tourists looking to spend time in peace and tranquility.

a stunning Goa beach

a stunning Goa beach

You would be able to get a hint of the beauty of Goa, if you choose to travel by train from Bangalore to Goa. The view of the famous Dudhsagar waterfall, located at the border of Goa and Karnataka, on the way is not only stunning, it is a sight that would be etched in your memory forever. Dudhsagar means ocean of milk and indeed the majestic frothing white waterfall looks like one. The sight is especially magnificent during the monsoon when it is transformed into a massive waterfall. It is after all the fifth largest waterfall in India. You can also choose to trek or travel to the location of this waterfall from Goa.

the view of Dudhsagar falls while traveling by train from Bangalore to Goa

the view of Dudhsagar falls while traveling by train from Bangalore to Goa

Due to the huge numbers of tourists crowding Goa all through the year, there is no shortage of good hotels in this quaint union territory. Of course the best places to stay in Goa are the ones on the beaches with great sea views but these hotels would be expensive as well. Hence if you have a limited budget, make sure you find cheap hotels in Goa. Even if the cheap hotels do not offer great views of the sea or the beaches, you would surely not have any complaints against the hospitality that you would receive since Goa is as much known well for the friendly residents as much for the lovely beaches.

Since Goa is one place in India that does not have any particular tourist seasons, it would be best if you can book your accommodation in advance. Especially if you are looking to stay in a beach side hotel with an excellent view, make sure you have it booked much in advance. The cuisine of Goa is very famous too with varied different kinds of food items available.

Experience the charm of Goa

One of the most happening, popular and best tourist spots in India is Goa. This union territory is one tourist spot in India that attracts all kinds of people from all over the world as well as India. The biggest attraction of Goa is the beautiful, picturesque and stunningly exquisite beaches along with the happening nightlife as well as the parties. There is no on season for Goa since this quaint union territory of India has different kind of beauty in different seasons. Monsoons paint a different kind of picture while winter shows a different kind of beauty all together.

the beaches of Goa are a treat for the eyes

the beaches of Goa are a treat for the eyes

Goa has quite a few numbers of popular beaches that are all different in nature. Some offers peace and calm, some are ideal for couples while the others are bustling with partying youth. You can choose to visit most of the beaches and experience the different faces of this one charming union territory or you can choose to visit a single beach or a few beaches based on your liking. You can also indulge in some shopping as well as taste the delicious drinks and food of Goa. This sea side south Indian union territory is well connected to all of India as well as the world by trains and flights.

Goa is also well connected to its neighboring states like Karnataka and Maharashtra by good bus services. Hence traveling to Goa would not be a problem. Traveling within this place would not be a hassle either since there are ample numbers of hired car services, taxis as well as buses available. You do not need to worry about accommodation as well since there are many good hotels in Goa. From government guest house and tourist lodges to star private hotels to luxury resorts to budget hotels, all is available in ample numbers in this beautiful sea side union territory of India.

a luxurious sea side hotel in Goa

a luxurious sea side hotel in Goa

The sea side hotels and resorts would of course cost more and hence you can choose an accommodation based on your budget as well as requirements. Just remember that since there are no on seasons for Goa, the crowd of tourists keeps flowing in continuously and hence it would be a good idea to book your accommodation in advance to avoid any problems later on as well as to get proper accommodation. Once your accommodation is booked, just relax and enjoy the vibe of the ever young Goa.

The beautiful beach destination – Goa

Goa is a paradise for tourists seeking to enjoy the fun of happening nightlife, beautiful beaches, exciting water sports and great beach parties. This small union territory located in the southern part of India is a very famous tourist destination and the tourism in Goa is very much encouraged by the government, which is the reason for numerous foreign tourists crowding in Goa for a fun and memorable vacation. The best thing about Goa is of course the stunning beaches but the churches that boast of beautiful Portuguese architecture are worth visiting as well. Goa was a Portuguese colony and hence still holds memories of the culture with pride.

a stunningly beautiful beach of Goa

a stunningly beautiful beach of Goa

The lifestyle of Goa is extremely vibrant and you would not find another place in India with such charm. This quaint union territory is extremely safe too, the reason why people from all over the globe and India frequent this tourist destination. The best thing about tourism in Goa is that there are beaches for the party lovers, beaches for families as well as beaches for honeymooning couples as well. It is no wonder that Goa is the most chosen holiday destination for long weekend getaways for people of the neighboring states, especially Maharashtra and Karnataka since these two states share their border with this happening beautiful sea side destination.

star resorts in Goa offer great view

star resorts in Goa offer great view

To cater to the accommodation needs of numerous visiting tourists to this beautiful sea side union territory of India, there are many hotels and resorts. You would be able to find 5 star as well as 4 star resorts in Goa. There are also cheap hotel in Goa for people with a limited budget. But regardless of your budget and the kind of hotel you choose, you would surely feel welcome as soon as you set foot in Goa. The people of Goa are extremely friendly and hence even if your hotel does not have every possible modern amenity, you would be comfortable. Just make sure that you book your accommodation in advance, if possible.

Goa is one place in India that does not have any off season whatsoever. All through the year it is peak season for this quaint sea side vacation destination. But the beauty of this beautiful place varies with the changing season and hence whole some people love it here during the monsoon, some prefer the winter season. Summers can be hot but nevertheless there is no dearth of tourists in Goa.

Hotels in Goa offer excellent accommodation

Goa is the dream holiday location for anyone looking for happening nightlife, beautiful beaches and excellent colonial architecture, all in one place. It is not without any reason that young people from all over the world and around India flock to Goa to enjoy life like no other place can offer. There are parties to enjoy, several adventure water sports to be experienced and the beauty of the beaches to be soaked in. There are many beaches in Goa too that you can visit and have fun in based on your preferences. There are beaches that are known for its happening crowd and beaches that offer peace and seclusion.

beautiful beach side hotel in Goa

beautiful beach side hotel in Goa

Each year numerous people from all over the world and India visit Goa and Goa tourism industry is flourishing due to this increasing tourist inflow every year too. Since Goa is a very popular tourist spot in India there are hotels, resorts and guest houses galore for you to stay in. from luxurious star resorts to budget hotels to government guest houses, Goa has it all. What you would need to do is just find a place that not only suits your taste and requirement but your budget as well. You would do well to book in advance but even if you do not have your accommodation booked, you would surely find one.

The beach side hotels and resorts would of course cost more than the hotels that are a little way away from the main beaches. But if you want to catch the action at the beaches, you would have to stay in hotels that are near the beaches. There is no dearth of good hotels in Goa. All you would need to do is find one as per your needs. The amenities provided are unparallel and even the budget hotels offer clean as well as hygienic accommodations. Due to the high competition among the hotel businesses in Goa for attracting tourists, you would be the one benefiting with excellent accommodation facilities.

excellent hotel rooms of Goa

excellent hotel rooms of Goa

If you book your hotel in advance find out if your hotel provides pick up and drop to railway station or airport since then it would be easier for you. Any good hotel would have this facility available for the guests. You can also book local sightseeing with a hired car from your hotel where you are staying. A package deal would possibly help you get good discounts.

Amenities at the resort hotels in Goa

Goa can be an amazing place for visit during the winter seasons. It also offers great accommodation opportunities in the state that are enjoyable and also rather comforting during the holiday trips. Most often than not, people, choose to stay at the 4 star resort hotels in Goa or at the home stay options that are so amply available in the state.

Beach at Goa`

Beach at Goa

The different types of accommodations available in Goa include all kinds of luxurious resorts as well as the budget and the cheap hotels in Goa. They all provide excellent facilities and other great amenities like the spa, private pool, lobby, restaurants and even shopping centers in the vicinity. All these resorts are such that they have the arrangement for accomplishing all the needs and the requirements of the tourists via the modern amenities and facilities ranging for the leisure or the business trips for the tourists across the world.

When you are in Goa, there are so many activities that you can indulge in like the several types of water sports namely the snorkeling, banana ride, scuba diving etc. Apart from that, if you are really a home body and would want to stay inside the hotel for most of the time, then too, you can take in the services of affluent hospitality along with all the modern amenities like multi cuisine restaurants and the sauna along with the spa services, the 24 hours cable and the water services etc at these resorts make your stay all the more comfortable and delightful.

Beauty of Goa

Beauty of Goa

If however you have a strict budget and want to stay at the cheaper budget hotels, then too you can avail the various amenities at the budget hotels in Goa. There are several hotels and other staying accommodations right on the exotic beaches of Goa and you can always choose any of them for your holiday trip. Check out the numerous Portugeese colonies and the architecture, live the life style of the Portugeese style while in Goa and enjoy the superior quality of the hospitality of the place.

Most of the hotels and the resorts also provide the tourists and the travelers with great package deals and holiday deals so that you can spend some of the best times of your life in the state while also enjoying the comfort and the luxurious amenities of the several reputed beach resorts of all classes and types. The cost of staying in such luxurious accommodation is not exorbitantly costly instead they are very economical and affordable too.


A trip down south to Goa and Kerala

It is always more fun to go for the unplanned trip. It is full of surprises and can surprise you with such bold activities that you never have given a thought to before. Such is the beauty of the unplanned and sudden trips. Goa is a tourist friendly place and it is also a popular tourist spots. It receives tourists from all over the world almost all throughout the year. Of course the peak season to visit Goa would be from October till June.


There are different ways of reaching Goa by road, rail and air as well. However, it is always a wise idea to make prior booking for the accommodations in Goa. There are several great places to stay and if you have the budget for it, you can also opt for the stay at 5 star hotel in Goa. There are a lot of sightseeing points and also other tourist destinations in Goa and you can also indulge in the various beach and water sports too like snorkeling, diving etc. The best thing about Goa is that it is a really small state and has an area of only 40 sq km. If you are able to hire a two wheeler or a car, you can crisscross the state in 3 days flat with all the sightseeing points covered well.

If you are on an unplanned trip, of course three days of holidaying is certainly not enough to fulfill your senses. Instead you can always take the trip to more down towards south, to the God’s own country of Kerala. Kerala is only 7 hours away from Goa and can be reached by road overnight. There is no dearth of accommodations in Kerala too and there are several tourist attractions that you can visit.

When it Kerala, if your budget allows, you can avail the luxury of the 5 star hotels in Kerala or even the tea resorts that are so abundantly available. The view of the tea plantations in Kerala like in Munnar is magnificent and there is no reason why you should miss being in this place at least once in your life time.

Kerala is covered with lots of greenery and it can be awesome to spend some quiet time at the Kerala Backwaters that is oh so famous in the state. Also do not forget to check out the Periyar National Park that is located at Thekkady while you are camping in Kerala.

Go Goa: Its carnival time!

If you are an adventure freak, you can plan an awesome road trip from Hyderabad to Goa. Goa is approximately 540 km away from Hyderabad. The shortest route on road is of course when you start from Hyderabad and take on the NH7 towards Raichur. From Raichur, you have to take the SH 20 which is in the state of Karnataka and take up the Lingasur, Hungund, Bagalkot, Yergatti, Belgaum, Londa and finally to Panaji.

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The road condition is great and there is less traffic too. Once you are in Goa, there are several marvelous things to do. Goa is an exotic state and is the smallest in the country. The tourism sector in Goa is busy all throughout the year and now they have decided to focus more on the promotion of the festival tourism in the state. Goa is known not only for its sun kissed beaches and the silvery white sand, but also for the carnivals and the other festivities that are spread all throughout the year.

For instance, the Goa carnival this year is happening on and from March 1st till 4th and there are some grand plans for the same. The carnival will be celebrated across seven cities and the main parade would be held at Panaji on 1st March. It is imperative to say that the carnival is a memorable experience not only for the locals but also for the tourists and visitors from different parts of the world.

It can be difficult to find accommodation at such times in Goa since tourists from different countries of the world flock to Goa in hordes to be an active participant in the carnival. But if you are planning to visit Goa during the carnival, you can book your tickets and the accommodations early in order to grab a decent staying place. There are several luxury resorts in Goa which you can avail if you make your bookings early.

Hyderabad on the other hand is a fast growing technological hub of India, holding the second place to Bangalore. Unlike Goa, Hyderabad has a lot of ancient history associated with the city. It was named in honor of Hyder Mahal, the wife of Quli Qutub Shah who was once the ruler of Hyderabad. You can visit Hyderabad on a weekend trip and explore the city. You can select some of the best hotels in Hyderabad for staying purpose. Some of the posh areas in the city are Banjara Hills, Ameerpet and Punjagutta.


Things to do in Goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination for the domestic as well as the international tourists from across the world. Goa has one of the best coastlines in the world and is complete with serene and tranquil surroundings; sun kissed silvery sandy beaches, the ancient churches and the temples are all worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

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Goa is one of the best tropical destinations of the world and to captivate the essence of goa, you must be prepared to explore the area after you have made proper research. Goa is a state in itself and the tourist destinations are divided into three segments, the north Goa, the south Goa and also the Old Goa. Goa can be rather mesmerizing with its white beaches and vibrant fields, the coconut grooves and the dense forests, the palm trees, and of course the turquoise waters.

Goa boasts of a mix of culture cuisine and also the excellent architecture with the grand mansions and also the baroque churches that dominate the landscapes. The climate of the state is excellent with moderate temperature all throughout the different seasons. Avoid the monsoons and instead if you can manage the tickets to the state and also the accommodation at the hotels in Goa during the carnivals during the winter seasons, you can certainly visit the state. During the carnivals, goa is one of the best places to be in.

Since Goa boasts of multi ethnic residents and tourists from all parts of the world makes visit to goa all throughout the year, it celebrates many different festivals in the state like Christmas, Ganesh Chathurthi, New Year’s Eve, and the Shigmo festival among others. They are not only great for attracting the hordes of tourists but also are the various form of celebrating the multi ethnic people and their bonds between each other.

If you want to stay in the best hotel in goa, there are several other activities that you can participate in like the several water sports activities, the spotting of the dolphins and the crocodiles, the bird watching, and the hiking and the trekking. You can also visit the various night clubs in the state as the partying and the nightlife of Goa is famous all around. You can also go around visiting the different forts, temples and the churches and other nature resorts. You can also indulge in various spa services and other ayurvedic spa services.

Have fun and frolic in Goa

Goa is the hot and happening tourist spot in India. Or you can say it is the coolest place in India to be. Depending on your perspective, Goa can either be super cool or super hot. Keeping the debate aside, it is fair enough to say that Goa is such a place that you can visit over and over again and not get bored with. Goa is a state in its self and that too the smallest one in India. It is located on the coastline and is dotted with lots of palm trees.


This state can be divided classically into three segments worth exploring, namely the Old Goa, The north and the south. You can again categorize the areas into further sub divisions like churches, forts, beaches, bazaars, temples, food shacks etc. Of course depending on your interest, you can choose and make selective visits or you can check out as many of them as possible in a day.

There are several good hotels in Goa and looking for the perfect budget accommodation is not much of a trouble. The state is easily accessible from the rest of the country by roads, rail and air. People from different parts of the world visit Goa in search of sun and sand, surf and beer. You can opt for the various sightseeing cruise that are available all around Goa. Especially the Dolphin sighting is a popular tourist attraction in Goa.

If you start the trip at Old Goa you would be transferred to the days of the Portuguese.  There is an ancestral Goa which is a recreated village where you can see the various exhibits of period homes and also the lifestyle of the people back then. There is also a shrine of Big Foot within the premise, on which you can place your right palm and make a wish. Check out the Mirabai’s Laterite sculpture, the Basilica of Bom Jesus which contains the relics of St Francis Xavier, the saint. Check out the St Catherine’s Chapel, St Cajetan Church, and the Augustine Tower all of which are located within the Old Goa.

When in South Goa, you can check out the various beaches like Palolem beach, Patnem beach and have your brunch at one of the several sea side food shacks. Driving up towards the north of Goa, you can stop at the Chapora Fort to get a panoramic view of the Vagator Beach and the River Chapora. Stop at Calangute Beach and the Baga beach, check out the Anjuna beach all of which boasts of silvery white sand and turquoise water.

The Road Trip

We humans often tend to get bored, tired, exhausted at the worldly things like our work at office or sometimes we feel that our body and soul is screaming for a vacation, a break. But there’s always this baggage called work, relationships etc., and at the end of the day, we postpone it or might as well let it dwell in the back of my mind and never ever think about it seriously. But every person need to give time to oneself, to discover his/her own self, be amused and wonder at small things, without which our life is just grey! Hence i propose the idea of a road trip, be it with friends or even better and adventurous, going alone, for such individuals who worked their whole life, and want to feel peaceful and relieved for once.

The Road Trip

The Road Trip

Now road trips can be done either going by a 2-wheeler bike or a 4-wheeler if you have company. The first and foremost important thing is you decide which route you are gonna take, and what places you want to see and set a schedule for it. A detailed plan of the itinerary has to be laid before embarking into the adventure, for you don’t want to end up lost, which may delay your other plans.

Secondly, you pack the resources, all that is required for the trip, like money in cash and cards, fuel and tool box if you are going by car, mobile chargers etc,. And if you are going by car, you gotta check if the cooling system is working properly, the air conditioning and fuel system is right or not before setting out for the journey. Also carry a blanket, very few clothes; for you can buy cheap ‘i-love-india’ t-shirts on the road when necessary.

The road trip

When on road, you gotta maintain the budget, and luxury hotels are strictly out of matter.Motels help in this aspect. You need to stay connected with your family, inform them where you are time-to-time, so that God forbid if something happens, they could help you out.

Have multiple navigation tools, use GPS, and take maps with you apart from Google Maps. Drive only during day, start early, drive till noon, avoid traffic and reach your destination. Its important to enjoy the road-trip instead of spending all the time driving.

One of the best road-trips in the south India is from Goa-Bangalore either via Belgaum or via Shimoga. Your itinerary must places like Jog Falls, Goa forts, Murdeshwara. Going via Belgaum is much preferred.

Bangalore-Goa Road Trip

Bangalore-Goa Road Trip via Belgaum

That said, carefully plan your road trip! And bring color to your life.