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A trip to naturally and culturally rich south India

The south of India is peninsular in shape and hence even though India is a huge country, the southern part can be toured within a short time. A short time does not mean a week or two though, for a complete as well as an all inclusive trip to south India you would have to manage at least a month. The south of India consists of Pondicherry, Goa and Lakshadweep islands, which are the union territories as well as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which are the states. Each union territory and state ha such variety of tourist places that you would surely be overwhelmed with the experience.

Kerala backwaters - a must visit in south India

Kerala backwaters – a must visit in south India

Usually tourists visiting south India separately visit Goa and the Lakshadweep islands since only the four states and Pondicherry can take more than a month to tour completely. Lakshadweep would require you to opt for either a ship or a flight since it is an island. Goa on the other hand is best toured separately since there is a lot to enjoy and experience in Goa. The states of south India can be toured separately too and it would help if you stay somewhere in south India as your base place. The reason is that then you would be able to visit the many wonderful places south India as weekend getaways.

Mahabalipuram Temple in south India

Mahabalipuram Temple in south India

South India has everything for tourists, from charmingly beautiful beaches to stunningly quaint hill stations. There are also historical temples and monuments that are worth a visit, especially if the history of India fascinates you. Apart from the places of interest, the unique culture of south India is a thing to experience as well. South India boasts of a rich cultural heritage and is completely different from that of India. The cuisine of south India is different as well and hence worth a try. All the south Indian states are well connected to the rest of the country and hence you do not need to worry about your travel.

Like most hotels in India, most of south Indian hotels also always have a welcoming and friendly smile on offer along with various modern amenities and facilities, depending on your budget as well as choice of a hotel. In every part of south India there are hotels of all types, from luxury star hotels to budget ones to resorts and also government tourist guest houses. Just book in advance and you will be set for your trip.

Visit the city of the Nizams – Hyderabad

South India boasts of a rich culture and excellent natural beauty along with man made architectural brilliance. A trip to south India is not only fulfilling in terms of experience but also in terms of a memorable trip. There are stunning hill stations like Ooty and beaches like Chennai. There are also wonderful historic buildings with excellent architectures like the Charminar and the Mysore Palace. All you would need to do is decide what interests you most and choose a state or destination to visit accordingly. There are holiday places in south India galore since there are four states and three union territories that make up the whole of south India.

Golconda Fort in Hyderabad

Golconda Fort in Hyderabad

The states that make up south India are Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The union territories of south India are Goa, Lakshadweep and Pondicherry. Hence you can understand well enough the number of options you have to tour south India. Each of the states is rich in terms of places of interest as well as culture. For instance if you choose to visit Andhra Pradesh, there is the city of Hyderabad which is a city that would offer you more places of interest than you can visit in a single trip, unless you have more than ten days time in your hands. Hyderabad is not only rich in the number of place to visit but also other things like cuisine and shopping.

view of Charminar in Hyderabad

view of Charminar in Hyderabad

The places you can visit in Hyderabad are Charminar, which is like a symbol of Hyderabad. You should also visit the Golconda Fort, Mecca Masjid, the Hussain Sagar Lake and the Salarjung Museum. When in Hyderabad you should definitely try the Biriyani, which is a famous cuisine of this city of the Nizams and should definitely shop for pearls. The pearls of Hyderabad are very famous all over India and the world due to its excellent quality. There are many stores around Charminar that sell authentic pearl jewelry at extremely reasonable prices. It would be a mistake not to taste the cuisine or buy pearl.

For accommodation, you can book any hotels Hyderabad since most hotels come with modern amenities and are clean, hygienic as well. It would be a good idea to book your accommodation in advance since this beautiful city receives a lot of tourists all through the year. Being an important IT hub, this historic city also receives a lot of professionals.

Have a memorable trip to Kerala

South India consists of the states and the union territories located in the southern part of India. The states are Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu while the union territories are Pondicherry and Lakshadweep islands. Each state has a lot of places of interest that you can visit, from naturally scenic places to man made architectures. Every year numerous tourists from all over India as well as the world over visit south India for tourism. To cater to the needs of these tourists in huge numbers, there are many different kinds of hotels too, from luxurious ones t the budget ones. For best hotels in south India you can take the help of the Internet.

The entire tour of south India would take quite some time since there are many places of interest, like it is said above. If you have limited time though, you can visit one state at a time in south India. The places of south India that you should definitely visit includes Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Ooty, Kanyakumari and Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Coorg and Mysore in the state of Karnataka and in the state of Kerala you should definitely visit the back waters, Munnar and Kovalam. There are hill stations and beaches amongst these places listed above as well as temples and monuments. Hence you can choose state for your visit based on your preferences.

beautiful beaches of Kerala

beautiful beaches of Kerala

If you want to directly travel to Kerala instead of going through the other states of south India, you can catch a flight or take a train from any part of India as well. Within the state of Kerala you can get around by hiring a car or take local buses. Like all the other states of south India, Kerala too has a variety of hotels at your service. Since it is always a season to visit this beautiful state, known as God’s own country, you would do good to book your hotel in advance or you might have problems getting a good place to stay.

Kerala backwaters

Kerala backwaters

When in Kerala you should definitely make sure to spend some time in the Kerala backwaters. It is truly heaven on earth with the boat sailing among the water surrounded by tall and majestic coconut trees. It is an experience that you last you a lifetime and would serve as a pleasant remembrance of your trip to Kerala.

The many wonders of south India

If you are planning a holiday trip with your family, the best kind of vacation would be south India trip. South India tour consists of visiting the states of the south. The southern states include Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The union territories of Pondicherry and the Lakshadweep islands are also included. Each of these southern states has beautiful places to visit and hence it is almost impossible to visit all these places at once, not unless you have a month’s time for this particular tour. Hence it would be best to carefully plan a tour itinerary or opt for a tour with travel operators.

south India

south India

South India is a part of India that is rich in natural beauty as well as wonders that are man made. There are hill stations like Ooty, beaches in Chennai, Kerala backwaters, historical monuments like the Charminar in Hyderabad, Mysore Palace and the list is seemingly endless. Hence what you should do is plan your tour according to your interest as well as the time you have for the tour. That is if you choose to travel on your own. If you choose to travel with a renowned tour operator though, you would not have to anything since customized tour plans are offered by any good tour operators in India whereby you can choose which places you want to visit.

South India has some of the most famous India tourist places like mentioned above but apart from that the culture of south India is extremely rich as well. The language is completely different than that of northern India and the dressing as well as culture too. You would most feel the different culture of south India in Kerala and Karnataka. The cities of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore and Chennai in Tamil Nadu are metropolitans and hence have a mixed culture due to the presence of many people from all over India. But regardless of the places in south India you choose to visit you would surely feel welcome by the friendly people and have a memorable trip too.

the unique culture of south India

the unique culture of south India

You would not have any problems finding places to stay in south Indian states since it is a very famous tourist destination in India. Hence every state has excellent staying places, from luxurious star resorts to budget hotels. The transport system between the states and the cities within the states are extremely good too.

Explore the beautiful south India

India is a country of many wonders. You would find very few countries in the world that would offer you natural beauty galore along with man made wonders. India is a country with every single state offering something of interest to visitors. From hill stations to beaches to jungles to deserts to architectural wonders, India has it all. There are even some states that offer all in one tour treat to the visitors. India is broadly divided in to two parts, north India and South India. While both parts of India has numerous places to visit, a tour of south India is an awe striking experience.

Kerala back waters, a famous tour in south India

Kerala back waters, a famous tour in south India

Among the well known and famous tourist places of India there are quite a few south Indian tourist spots as well. The states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep islands and Pondicherry make up the travel itinerary of south India tour. If you want to see all the places of interest in all the states, you would need more than a month time. Usually if you choose to travel with a tour operating company, depending on your interests, the tour would at least last for fifteen days since any time lesser than that would be not even close to enough for south India travel.

the beautiful beaches of south India

the beautiful beaches of south India

You can start your tour of south India from any of your chosen states and move on to the next one after you have visited all the places of your interest in that state. It is better to start with Andhra Pradesh and end with Tamil Nadu since Tamil Nadu is the state that has maximum numbers of places of interest, from beautiful beaches to temples to hill stations. The best thing is that you can commute between the states of south India in buses and within the states between cities as well. If you are traveling with a tour operator you do not need to worry about transport though.

If you are traveling alone and have problem traveling in buses, you can also travel from one city to another in a hired car. And you can also choose to commute via the local auto rickshaws within the cities. Since south India is a very popular tourist destination of India, there are ample numbers of staying options available, ranging from budget to luxury. Hence you would not face any problems on your tour to south India.


Exploring Kerala with adventurous holidays

Kerala is known as God’s own country for a reason. The majestic mountains in the Western Ghats along with the emerald green waters of the Arabian Sea together combine in exact harmony in Kerala thereby portraying a magnetic beauty that you just cannot resist. Kerala boasts of natural forests with stunning flora and fauna and that is why it is such a popular tourist destination for people all over the world.

Backwaters in Kerala

Backwaters in Kerala

Here are some of the adventurous activities that you can do while on a visit to Kerala. If you have that madness streak in you, you would certainly fall in love with your visit to this place and would want to come back again and again over the years.

Bamboo rafting in the rivers: if you love nature, you would certainly want to try the bamboo rafting at the Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady. It is a 9 hour journey on the raft made from bamboo in the river and is an eco tourism program that is already a hit with the tourists all over the world. While on the raft, you can enjoy the sceneries of the forests all around you and also watch the animals and the birds chirping away melodiously on the trees.

Houseboats in Kerala

Houseboats in Kerala

If you are fond of some more adventure, you can also try the Canoeing and Kayaking: Staying at the Kerala Backwaters and enjoying the majestic beauty of the surroundings on different types of kayak is unparallel to any other experiences in the world. Backwaters being one of the best places in Kerala that is frequented by the honeymooners and also the tourists looking for some tranquility also offers the amazing view of the culture and the life style of the Keralians on the Kayak tour.

If you like trekking, you can also choose the mountain climbing. The Chembra Peak at Wayanad is a popular place for the mountain climbing. Or you can also choose to trek along the tiger line in the forests of Thekkady. There are guides who can help you in the trek and also help you spot the animals while you walk through the forests in camouflaged wear.

Living on the tree to get closer to the lap of the nature is also a must when you are in Kerala. While there are several Kerala resorts and hotels, staying on a tree top can indeed be an enchanting experience. It is a special facility that is offered by several resorts in Kerala and if you opt for one such, it will certainly be a memorable experience for you.



A trip to Chennai from Bangalore

Chennai is located in the southern most part of India and is a major commercial and cultural center in India. It is also one of the four metropolises in India and is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Chennai has deep rooted culture and tradition that is based on the Dravidian civilization. For instance, for most residents of the city and the state of Tamil Nadu, the day begins with the wishes and prayers to Sri Venkatesha Supravatam and also by doing up the kolams or rangolis in their home premises.


At present, Chennai is a thriving center for the health care, technology and the manufacturing industries for the country. It also boasts of a huge film industry that churns out several movies throughout the year. When you talk about the art and culture, you would have to speak about the Hindustani classical Carnatic music and the dance form known as Bharatnatyam both of which originates in Chennai. AR Rahman the aced musician who won the Oscar hails from Chennai and is also known as the Mozart of Madras.

Chennai is also the main getaway for other tourist attractions like Mahabalipuram, Tirupati, and Pondicherry etc. Check out the various temples in Chennai and the Madras Museum which is the most visited places in the city. There are many other museums in Chennai that are worth visiting especially if you have keen interest in art and history. Pongal is the main festival of Chennai and is celebrated in January for a period of 5 days.


Accommodation in Chennai is not much of a hassle as you can always find endless number of hotels in Chennai for staying over and touring the city. Bangalore which is the capital of Karnataka is just 350 km away from Chennai. It is also known by several other names like Bengaluru, Pensioner’s Paradise and The Garden City of India.

Some of the best visiting places in Bangalore include the Lal Bagh which is a botanical garden established by Hyder Ali. It is well known for the annual flower show every year. The rock of Lal Bagh that dates back to 3000 million years is also an attraction that you must visit. Cubbon Park is another attraction designed by Richard Sankey. Apart from these gardens and parks, some other places to see near Bangalore include the historical monuments like the Bangalore Fort and the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan, the Bangalore Palace and the Mayo Hall.

Top tourist destinations in Kerala

Kerala is extremely beautiful as a place of visit and so it is often termed as God’s own country. Kerala is known best for its diverse yet distinctive culture and tradition that is completely different from all other states in India. You talk about Kerala and you can vision the elaborate rituals happening at various temples, the tranquil and serene backwaters and also the elephants. The pace of life style is slow and laidback and thus Kerala is ideal for the honeymooners and all other tourists looking for a leisurely trip.

Elephants for Mysore Dasara

Are you planning for a Kerala tour anytime recently? Well, here is a list of best places to visit in Kerala:

The ideal trip to Kerala is for 7days where you can cover the beaches and the backwaters both. You can travel to Kochi and also Varkala along with the backwaters of Kerala in a 7 day long trip. The Kerala back water is one of the most relaxing vacations that you can take in a life time. Staying in the palm fringed canals on a houseboat is a dream come true. Add to that the delicious Indian cuisine on board which is certain to make your stay a memorable one. It is sheer bliss to stay in the middle of the lake and enjoy the waters in the moonlit night.

Fort Kochi- this is also known as the Gateway to Kerala. It is an enchanting place to be. There are several historical sites of excellent architectural brilliance that are worth the visit.

Munnar- this is known for the exotic tea plantations and the overall scenic beauty. The place is naturally blessed with misty hills, wide tea plantations and exciting wildlife. If you are fond of adventure, you can also go rock climbing or para sailing here. You can also trek to the highest peak in India, Anamudi.

The Periyar National Park is one of the most visited places in Kerala. It remains open all throughout the year and is known for its elephants and the rides on them through the jungles. The Periyar Lake looks stunning during the sunset and there are also safaris that are available by Boat. There are also various eco tourism activities happening inside the park and tourists can also participate in them actively.

If you are also planning to drop by at Hyderabad by any chance, you can always choose the best of the lot when it comes to selecting an accommodation in Hyderabad.

Tourist places worth visiting in India

India has unique varieties of places worth exploring along with varied places, monuments and even the landscapes. There are several almost endless combinations of tourist attractions in India which will never cease to amaze you. India is considered as the seventh largest country in the world and is the only such sub continent with mountains stretching in the North and the vastness of the ocean in the south. Not to forget the tropical greenery of the west to the beautiful folk culture of the north east. There are more than one billion people in India and they are divided into approximately two thousand ethnic groups of people. In India alone, at least around 200 different languages are spoken.

 Beautiful Radha Krishna idols at ISKCON temple bangalore

The Taj Mahal that is located in Agra is well known all over the world and tourists flock from different parts of the world all throughout the year to visit the place. It is an exotic mausoleum carved out of white marble. It was built between 1632 and 1653 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is also known as “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity” and is one of the best masterpieces of Mughal architecture, apart from being the most popular tourist destinations in India. The Harmandir Sahib, which is better known as the Golden Temple is worth making a visit too. It is located in Amritsar and is considered as the most important religious place to the Sikhs.

The Kerala backwaters in the southern most part of India are a chain of lakes and lagoons lying parallel to coast of the Arabian Sea. It is home to many unique and varieties of species of aquatic life like the frogs, crabs, and the mudskippers, otters, turtles and other animals and water species, birds etc. The Virupaksha Temple located in the city of Hampi grew larger during the reigns of Vijayanagara. The Kanha National Park is a great watch for the variety of wildlife species in Asia. You can also catch a glimpse of the tiger here apart from the sanctuary at Sunderbans. Jaisalmer is the desert town and is located in Rajasthan’s remote westernmost corner close to Pakistan.

Varanasi situated at the banks of the River Ganges is sacred to the jains, hindus and also the Buddhists. Palolem is one of the most developed beaches in Goa. The Ajanta Caves are rock-cut cave monuments dating from the 2th century BC. Also worth visiting are the Ajanta and the Ellora caves located in the state of Maharashtra.

Top five holiday destination in South India

If you are planning for a South India Trip, you cannot juts miss out on the Golden Triangle tour. The southern part of India is and has always been a delight for every travel enthusiast simply because of several options that it provides. Whether you are planning a honeymoon travel or want to make a family outing, there is no better choice than the south India tourist places.
The golden triangle tour is referred to the three most famous places of southern India, namely the Mahabalipuram, Chennai and Kanchipuram. Enjoy the unity among diversity when you explore the various religions, culture, tradition and also the rituals of these places. Take pleasure in visiting the amazing structures of temples, and also other historical monuments.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail
Chennai, also known as the “gateway of South India”, is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Explore the stunning beaches and the waterfalls, the mountains and the rivers with your family. You can also visit the different monuments and temples like Tirupati, Meenaxi etc.
Kanchipuram is known for its kanjivaram sarees apart from the several temples and other shrines. You can also participate in various rituals that happen at various temples here in Kanchipuram.
The final stop in this golden triangle tour is the Mahabalipuram. It is located on the coast of Coromandal. The scenic beauty of Mahabalipuram is worth mentioning and so are the unique sculptures and motifs on the temples.
Apart from the golden triangle, you can also visit some other equally popular travel destinations like Cochin, which is also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. It is also the gateway towards the exhilarating backwaters of Kerala. You can stay at the houseboats and enjoy the serenity of the nature in solitude. It is needless to say that Kerala backwaters are one of the most unique experiences that you can have in your entire lifetime.
You can also visit the Periyar National Park if you are fond of nature and wildlife. The park also has a lake within by the name of Periyar, hence the name of the park. There are several rare species and other jungle activities that you can see and participate in while on a trip to Periyar National Park.
The southern part of India is a treasure trove for travel enthusiasts and attracts tourists in droves from all over the world. Once you visit the place, you would want to go back there again and again.