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Ooty – the most scenic hill station on south India

Ooty is one of the most beautiful places in south India that you should definitely visit. This stunning hill station is located in the Nilgiri districts of Tamil Nadu and is one of the most famous and most visited places in this south Indian state. Ooty is also known as Udagamandalam, Udhagai in the local regions, although the real name of this quaint hill station is Ootacamund. The beauty of this hill station is so charming that during the British rule in India, this was the most visited summer getaway by the East India company officials.

Ooty is one of teh most beautiful hill stations in south India

Ooty is one of teh most beautiful hill stations in south India

It is not without any reason that Ooty is called the queen of hill stations in south India. it is a paradise for nature lovers with acres of tea plantations and surrounding lush green vegetation. The towering hills all around add to the beauty of this hill station. The charm of this small hill station in the south is such that it is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India. Honeymooners visit this hill station for some privacy which is mostly absent in the hill stations of the north due to the huge number of tourists flocking for a glimpse of the Himalayan mountain range.

The hills of Ooty is not as majestic or snow covered like the himalyan range but nevertheless the Nilgiri hills of the Easterns Ghats are no less in beauty. Since Ooty is such a popular tourist destination, it is very well connected to most major cities of India and extremely well connected to all parts of Tamil Nadu. There are trains and buses as well as hired cars that you can avail to reach Ooty. You can also opt for flights through Coimbatore, which is the nearest airport. When in Ooty you should definitely try the toy train. The ride is on the toy train amongst the beautiful surroundings is a memorable experience unto itself.

toy train ride in Ooty is a memorable experience

toy train ride in Ooty is a memorable experience

There is no dearth of places to stay in Ooty, given the number of tourists visiting this place. For Ooty places to stay you can consult the Internet. The best locations are taken up by the Tamil Nadu tourism guest houses and tourist lodges. Hence if you can book on of these, you would be able to get good views of the exquisite locales of Ooty. There are also ample numbers of private budget hotels as well as luxury star resorts.

The charming south Indian hill station – Ooty

Located in the enchanting Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu is the queen of hills in south India, Ooty. The official name of Ooty is Ootacamund but it is also known as Udhagai and Udagamandalam. This hill station is most famous for the tea estates and plantations located here but the beauty of Ooty is what attracts tourists from all parts of the world to return again and again. There are beautiful picturesque landscapes, lofty towering hills and miles of greenery spread all around with the tea plantations as well as dense lush green forests. Situated at an altitude of 2240 meters above the sea level, the weather of Ooty remains pleasant throughout the year.

the mile of greenery in Ooty

the mile of greenery in Ooty

Such is the charm of this small quaint hill station that many people of India plan their honeymoon to this place as well. The reason is that this charming hill station provides the privacy along with romanticism and beauty all in a package deal. The privacy part is absent in most hill stations in India due to the crowds that flock to hill stations. Ooty receives quite an amount of crowd of tourists too but it is lesser than the hills stations of the north. You have to experience the beauty of Ooty to believe it. It is not without any reason that Ooty was a favorite getaway destination for the British during the summer months in India.

Ooty is well connected via road and railway to all parts of India. You can also fly in through the Coimbatore airport, which is the nearest airport to Ooty. While in Ooty make sure you ride the toy train of Ooty that connects this lovely hill station to the town of Mettupalayam. For local sightseeing in Ooty you can hire a car and for accommodation you do not need to worry about a thing. Ooty is as safe as it can be and there are ample places to stay in Ooty. You can choose from the private budget hotels to the luxurious resorts located in the laps of the mountains. The views from most hotels are awesome due to the locations.

the location of a Ooty hotel

the location of a Ooty hotel

The best locations are however, taken up by the government tourist lodges and hence if you can get a place in one, you would never forget the experience. But for getting government tourist lodge accommodation, you have to book in advance. Even if you do not get it, there is no dearth of Ooty places to stay. 

Incredible India- the incredible Ooty!

The real name of Ooty is Ootacamund which is colloquially known as Ooty. It is the capital of the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu and is also known as the Udhagai or the Udagamandalam. Ooty is best known for its numerous tea plantations and estates and is also known lovingly as the Queen of hill stations in India.

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It is needless to say that Ooty is also one of the most popular hill stations in India and is a land of beautiful sceneries and picturesque landscapes. This is a small town that is located at an altitude of around 2240 meters above the sea levels. There are dense forests, lofty mountains, miles of greenery, tea gardens and estates and also wide grassland with scenic beauties all over the town. All these sceneries attract tourists in hordes from different parts of the world.

Did you know that this hill station was also a popular getaway for the British during the weekends and the summer? This town was also the summer capital for the Madras Presidency during the rule of the East India Company. Even the soldiers who were wounded in the war were sent here to recuperate; such is the miracle in the climate of this small scenic town.

When you are in Ooty, you must take a trip on the Nilgiri Toy Train as the trip without the train ride would be judged as an incomplete one. The slow toy train connects the town of Ooty with Mettupalayam which is located at the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains. Ooty can also be a fun place to shop around. Would you believe that you can get the winter clothes like the hats, gloves and also the jackets at a price of Rs 100 at this present day? Well, in Ooty, you would get such winter clothes at such amazing prices.

The main areas for shopping include the commercial road where you can visit the government outlets and shops. Since the main production in this town is tea, you can get a variety of tea for purchase and also tasting. You can also purchase the various organic products and honey that are bought to the market by the local farmers.

If you are in Ooty, places to stay are ample in number and accommodation is not a problem since the area is an attractive tourist spot. Places to stay in Ooty is several ranging from the luxurious ones and also the budget hotels. There are even the dormitories available for the students.

Make Your Way to the Awe-Inspiring Ooty

The moment you hear South India, Kerala and the South Indian cuisines take a toll on your mind. But the southern part is a lot more than all this! Ooty with its scenic beauty and lovely setback ambiance is a real paradise for vacationers! Situated in the surreal hills of Nilgiris, the town is officially names as Ootacamund, but for the convenience of people, it has been abbreviated to Ooty. Being the part of beautiful Nilgiri district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, it is blessed with enchanting beauty of nature.

Ooty tea gardens

Along with its spectacular natural beauty, the town of Ooty is widely known for its rich colonial inheritance. One can easily witness the strong influence of British architecture and culture in the town. It is often said that the hill resort seems like a reminiscent of a serene and tranquil English village, which is one of the positive factors in its growing tourism industry. The pleasant climate and mesmerizing beauty of Ooty impressed the British so much that they named the town as the Queen of Hill Stations. You would find vast acres of lush green tea and coffee estates in the hill station.

Ooty India

Being one of the most preferred weekend or getaway destinations in India, Ooty welcomes hordes of tourists all round the year. The town is endowed with numerous glittering tourist spots including the Botanical garden, Ooty Lake, Dodabetta Peak, Kalhatti Falls, Mukurthi National Park, Pykara Lake, Flower Show and Wenlock Downs. With its excellent connectivity through roads and rails, Ooty is easily accessible for travelers. Coimbatore has the nearest airport for travelers, who would prefer to reach here by air.

ooty hill station India

Receiving a large influx of tourists throughout the year, Ooty provides a wide range of accommodation facilities. Ranging from lavish five stars to budget hotels in Ooty, there are plethora of options to choose from. In addition to these, Ooty sires a wide variety of semi-luxury accommodations catering to the needs and preferences of budget travelers. For those whom budget is a constraint can lookout for the budget hotels in Ooty rendering a comfortable stay coupled with all the basic amenities. Nevertheless of your accommodation choices, vacationing in Ooty is like having the ball of life!







How You Can Reach the Incredible Ooty?

Strategically located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is one of the major towns in the state. Perched high on the gorgeous Nilgiri Hills, it is situated at a distance of 80 km from Coimbatore. At the end of 18th century, it was under the rule of East India Company, till that time Ooty is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. The alluring charm of this pretty place still fascinates visitors from each corner of the world.



Ooty once used to be the topmost summer weekend getaway destination for British people since the Colonial days, however it is now converted into the summer administrative town. This wonderful hill station is home to the most scenic natural vistas and rich biodiversity. And the best part of coming to this hill station is that you would love the en-route to Ooty. The breathtakingly beautiful mountains, dense forests, lush green landscapes, vast stretches of tea gardens, spectacular lakes and soaring eucalyptus trees during your route to this hill station is simply awesome.

 Incredible Ooty


Owing to the good transportation connectivity, reaching to Ooty is not a hassle for travelers. The town is located on the National Highway 67 and is connected to the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Bangalore to Ooty distance is 290 km, which can be covered by road. You can either choose to go by your own vehicle or travel using the bus services from Bangalore to Ooty. And those of you who would like to travel to Ooty via train can use the rail service. Udhagamandalam Railway Station in Ooty would welcome you to the town from where you can board the local transportation medium for reaching your desired destinations within.

 Bangalore to Ooty


As Ooty does not has its own civilian airport, there is no connectivity to air. However, if you prefer traveling by air then you can reach to the Coimbatore International Airport that is located at a short distance of around 96km from the town. From there you can hire a taxi for reaching your final destination. So, cut the Bangalore to Ooty distance and enjoy being in the most serene hill station of India.