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A trip to naturally and culturally rich south India

The south of India is peninsular in shape and hence even though India is a huge country, the southern part can be toured within a short time. A short time does not mean a week or two though, for a complete as well as an all inclusive trip to south India you would have to manage at least a month. The south of India consists of Pondicherry, Goa and Lakshadweep islands, which are the union territories as well as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which are the states. Each union territory and state ha such variety of tourist places that you would surely be overwhelmed with the experience.

Kerala backwaters - a must visit in south India

Kerala backwaters – a must visit in south India

Usually tourists visiting south India separately visit Goa and the Lakshadweep islands since only the four states and Pondicherry can take more than a month to tour completely. Lakshadweep would require you to opt for either a ship or a flight since it is an island. Goa on the other hand is best toured separately since there is a lot to enjoy and experience in Goa. The states of south India can be toured separately too and it would help if you stay somewhere in south India as your base place. The reason is that then you would be able to visit the many wonderful places south India as weekend getaways.

Mahabalipuram Temple in south India

Mahabalipuram Temple in south India

South India has everything for tourists, from charmingly beautiful beaches to stunningly quaint hill stations. There are also historical temples and monuments that are worth a visit, especially if the history of India fascinates you. Apart from the places of interest, the unique culture of south India is a thing to experience as well. South India boasts of a rich cultural heritage and is completely different from that of India. The cuisine of south India is different as well and hence worth a try. All the south Indian states are well connected to the rest of the country and hence you do not need to worry about your travel.

Like most hotels in India, most of south Indian hotels also always have a welcoming and friendly smile on offer along with various modern amenities and facilities, depending on your budget as well as choice of a hotel. In every part of south India there are hotels of all types, from luxury star hotels to budget ones to resorts and also government tourist guest houses. Just book in advance and you will be set for your trip.

South India – the place of rich cultural heritage

If you are planning a vacation, consider going on a trip to south India. it would be a trip that would not only be memorable but would also be rich in experience. The culture of south India is completely different from that of the northern parts of India and hence it would be a delight to enjoy this different culture of the south. There are numerous places to visit in south India as well. If you are looking for a single best place to visit in south India, you would be disappointed since there are wonderful places galore in each of the states of south India, from amazing hill stations like Ooty and Coorg to stunning beaches like Gokarna.

the states and union territories of south India

the states and union territories of south India

There are stunning temples and wonderful architectures too that you would have to see to believe. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are the states as well as Pondicherry, Goa and Lakshadweep islands under the part of south India. With so many states and union territories, you can only imagine the number of interesting places you would have for visiting with each state and union territory having more than enough places of interest that would take up all your time. In general the whole of south India is extremely popular for its rich cultural heritage, colorful lifestyle, and the different kinds of vibrant clothes worn by the people, the music and the cuisine.

Everything is so different about south India that even if you do not visit any popular tourist spot, you would enjoy your stay here equally. In terms of accommodation, you would not be disappointed with the hotels in south India. In fact, on the contrary, you would be more than satisfied with the staying arrangements of south India. The thing about Indian hotels, including hotels of south India is that regardless of the kind of hotel you choose, be it a luxury resort or a budget hotel, and regardless of the kind of amenities provided at the hotel, you would surely be made to feel extremely welcome as soon as your check in.

luxurious hotels of south India

luxurious hotels of south India

People all over India as so in south India too, are very friendly and hence you would never feel unwelcome anywhere you go and in any place you stay. It does not matter which country you are from or the kind of money you spend on accommodation, you would surely be comfortable and have a memorable experience.

Have a memorable trip to Kerala

South India consists of the states and the union territories located in the southern part of India. The states are Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu while the union territories are Pondicherry and Lakshadweep islands. Each state has a lot of places of interest that you can visit, from naturally scenic places to man made architectures. Every year numerous tourists from all over India as well as the world over visit south India for tourism. To cater to the needs of these tourists in huge numbers, there are many different kinds of hotels too, from luxurious ones t the budget ones. For best hotels in south India you can take the help of the Internet.

The entire tour of south India would take quite some time since there are many places of interest, like it is said above. If you have limited time though, you can visit one state at a time in south India. The places of south India that you should definitely visit includes Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Ooty, Kanyakumari and Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Coorg and Mysore in the state of Karnataka and in the state of Kerala you should definitely visit the back waters, Munnar and Kovalam. There are hill stations and beaches amongst these places listed above as well as temples and monuments. Hence you can choose state for your visit based on your preferences.

beautiful beaches of Kerala

beautiful beaches of Kerala

If you want to directly travel to Kerala instead of going through the other states of south India, you can catch a flight or take a train from any part of India as well. Within the state of Kerala you can get around by hiring a car or take local buses. Like all the other states of south India, Kerala too has a variety of hotels at your service. Since it is always a season to visit this beautiful state, known as God’s own country, you would do good to book your hotel in advance or you might have problems getting a good place to stay.

Kerala backwaters

Kerala backwaters

When in Kerala you should definitely make sure to spend some time in the Kerala backwaters. It is truly heaven on earth with the boat sailing among the water surrounded by tall and majestic coconut trees. It is an experience that you last you a lifetime and would serve as a pleasant remembrance of your trip to Kerala.

Explore the beautiful south India

India is a country of many wonders. You would find very few countries in the world that would offer you natural beauty galore along with man made wonders. India is a country with every single state offering something of interest to visitors. From hill stations to beaches to jungles to deserts to architectural wonders, India has it all. There are even some states that offer all in one tour treat to the visitors. India is broadly divided in to two parts, north India and South India. While both parts of India has numerous places to visit, a tour of south India is an awe striking experience.

Kerala back waters, a famous tour in south India

Kerala back waters, a famous tour in south India

Among the well known and famous tourist places of India there are quite a few south Indian tourist spots as well. The states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep islands and Pondicherry make up the travel itinerary of south India tour. If you want to see all the places of interest in all the states, you would need more than a month time. Usually if you choose to travel with a tour operating company, depending on your interests, the tour would at least last for fifteen days since any time lesser than that would be not even close to enough for south India travel.

the beautiful beaches of south India

the beautiful beaches of south India

You can start your tour of south India from any of your chosen states and move on to the next one after you have visited all the places of your interest in that state. It is better to start with Andhra Pradesh and end with Tamil Nadu since Tamil Nadu is the state that has maximum numbers of places of interest, from beautiful beaches to temples to hill stations. The best thing is that you can commute between the states of south India in buses and within the states between cities as well. If you are traveling with a tour operator you do not need to worry about transport though.

If you are traveling alone and have problem traveling in buses, you can also travel from one city to another in a hired car. And you can also choose to commute via the local auto rickshaws within the cities. Since south India is a very popular tourist destination of India, there are ample numbers of staying options available, ranging from budget to luxury. Hence you would not face any problems on your tour to south India.


Explore the charms of south India

The tourist places in South India are breathtaking and they enchant the senses beyond imagination. If you want to get on to a stunning adventure of spectacular beauty along with huge architectural splendor and also captivating culture, South India is the best place to be. The places are the ideal combination of stunning beaches, serene hill stations, ancient temples and also several great services like the ever rejuvenating Ayurveda and the spa therapy.

Onam celebrations among girls

South India is a coveted destination for the tourists from all over the world, some of the marvelous d and best tourist places in south of India are the states of Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Even Andaman and the Nicobar Islands also fall under the south Indian region. The charm and the beauty of the south of India can be truly enchanting.


Kerala is defined as God’s own country. It is a treasure trove waiting to be explored by the tourists from across the globe. Kerala is also the ideal tourist destination with sun kissed beaches, lush hill stations, exotic backwaters, and even ancient temples, great cuisine along with refreshing Ayurveda therapy. One of the best attractions of Kerala is staying at the houseboats. It is one of the best destinations for the honeymooners and newly married. It is a romantic getaway in India. When you are in Kerala, you must visit the places like Munnar, Periyar, Alleppey, Cochin, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Thekaddy and also the Trivandrum.

Also you should never miss the Kerala Backwaters while in the state. While you are visiting Kerala backwaters, you can avail the accommodation at the houseboats. Some of the back water areas on which you can stay include the places like Alleppey, Cochin, Trivandrum, Kumarakom and Kovalam.

Bangalore is also a must visit place in south India. It is the IT hub of the country and is also known as the Garden City. When you are in Bangalore, places to stay in the city are several and you can avail the luxury hotels or the budget hotels as per your requirement and also the budget. Bangalore is the major stop for visiting all the different exotic tourist destinations in south India. You can get to Bangalore and plan your itinerary and visit the different tourist destinations accordingly. While in Bangalore, do not forget to check out the different monuments and gardens in the city. You can stay over in the city for a day or two and explore the place.


Coonoor-A Holiday Spot

Coonoor is one of the holiday spots in Tamil Nadu near Udhagamandalam aka Ooty in Tamil Nadu which is a serene Tea plantation area. Its a hill station located at an altitude of 2000m and only 17kms from Ooty, serves ideally for a holiday spot. Its a part of the Nilgiri Mountain range, and is famous as trekking and hiking base. Bird Watching is famous as many species like cormorants, skylarks, parakeets are seen here.




The view-point from Dolphin’s point of view offers a breathtaking sight and the attractions near or around Coonoor include Sim’s Park, which is a botanical garden laid out in late 1870s in the Nilgiri forest. There is  an annual fruit exhibition in Summer in the garden.

Dolphin’s Nose is located 11kms away from Coonoor, near Tiger Hill and the view from Dolphin’s nose shows Catherine Falls, Coonoor .

Holiday Spot

Catherine Falls from Dolphin’s Nose

Lamb’s Rock is another view point is within the Nilgiris and is about 8km from the Coonoor Bus stand. From this point you can see the vast and lush green plains extending all the way from Coimbatore. During Spring view from this point looks even beautiful for the colors of trees are at its awesomest.

There’s Droog Fort in the proximity of this place which used to be Tipu Sultan’s outpost. You can reach this spot by uphill trekking from Coonoor. You can take the assistance of the trek guides for the route.

In the surroundings of Coonoor, you can also visit the Law’s Falls, which is known for its rocky nature, Katery Falls, which is one of the highest in the Nilgiris.

There are many hotels in Coonoor with all ranges, from budget hotels to luxury resorts and guest houses. The most popular hotel is The Gateway Hotel,Church Road which is a 4-star hotel located near the city centre and also near to the railway station. It provides all 5-star hotel facilities and you can enjoy the luxury of full-service spa, business center


The Gateway Hotel

Another 3-star hotel in Coonoor is Sunvalley Homestay. This is close to Sim’s Park and additional attractions around the place include Doddabetta Peak. They have rooms with Mountain view, Park view and provide complimentary breakfast and wi-fi.

And for the experiential travelers, who love to stay close to nature and tea plantations, Adderley Guest House is a good choice, with 5 rooms and a suite, an in-house cook and basic amenities, for it overlooks the scenic hills and green lawns.

For those looking for budget hotels or guest houses, Acres Wild, a family-run farm house with 3 guest house cottages, of 5-room each, is a good choice.


Acres Wild Farms

Take a Sneak Peak into Mysore, the Cultural Capital

Overwhelming culture, magnificent palaces and breathtaking natural beauty, Mysore is among the leading tourist attractions in India. Renowned as the cultural capital of the South Indian state of Karnataka, the town is known as the second largest city in the entire state. The royal and opulent ambiance of the city speaks high of itself. Visitors coming to this exotic South Indian destination would be amazed to see how well the city has managed to maintain the essence of the bygone era. The old world charm of the city can be seen in the heritage mansions, well-manicured gardens and the shady avenues that are just picture-perfect.

 Mysore palace

Being in Mysore, you would experience a totally different feel from the rest of the South India. The aroma of rose, sandalwood and other such fragrances just add up to the overall splendor of the city. The city has been famed with different names owing to its so many facets. As the city gives you the sandalwood aroma, it has earned the title of the Sandalwood City. The locals also call it as the City of Palaces and the Ivory city. The city is also nicknamed as the City of Yoga; it is a hub of several yoga centers and fascinates various travelers from India as well as abroad.

 Chamundi-temple in Mysore

The distinct culture of Mysore is also one of the major highlights of the South. The arts, crafts, traditions, lifestyles and cuisines reflect its vibrant cultures and overwhelming traditions. Bringing along the people from different walks of life, the mesmerizing city of Mysore is truly a cosmopolitan city. Bestowed with multiple tourist attractions, the city attracts various tourists all round the year. The city is home to plethora of historical structures including museums, temples, palaces and gardens. Rightly called as the city of palaces, it has a wealth of marvelous forts and palaces.

 Mysore temple

With visitors thronging the city all round the year, Mysore offers a wide range of hotels catering to their needs and preferences. Ranging from five stars to budget hotels in Mysore, there are plenty of options to pick from. Regardless of your choice, hotels in Mysore serve guests in the best possible way. So, stay assured of finding the right accommodation facilities in the alluring city.