The Most Spectacular Road Drives of India

Either you are an adventure traveler or a nature lover; the interesting geography of India has a lot in store for you! If you think hiking, trekking, nature walks, rafting or camping are the only way to feel the adrenaline rush, then do give a thought to the adventure, fun and excitement of traversing the best routes of India. Crossing the high mountains, plain surfaces, lush valleys, narrow bends and desert dunes is the real adventure! India boasts of many eye-grabbing road drives offering a majestic view of hills, flora & fauna and rivers. Here is our pick of the most spectacular road drives in India that the adventure travelers would love to cover!

Mumbai to Pune Drive


Constructed in the year 2002, the well-built Mumbai Pune expressway is one of the finest road routes in India. This six-lane, access controlled, high speed and tolled expressway is 93 km long. Passing through the magnificent mountain tunnels and hills of Khandala and Lonavala, it offers a breathtaking view of the Wetsern Ghats.

Manali to Leh Drive


Known to be one of the most dangerous roads in India, the Manali Leh Highway undoubtedly bangs to be on the list of most stunning scenic road drives in India. This 490 km long Manali Leh Highway route links Manali in Himachal Pradesh to Leh in Ladakh. The route is perched high at an altitude of above 4,000 m, so the pristine views of mountain ranges are sure to come along your way!

Karwar to Kozhikode Drive


Being an integral part of the National Highway 17, the Karwar to Kozhikode drive is known to be one of the most beautiful coastal drives running along the alluring Western Ghats and scintillating Arabian Sea. And NH17 is known to be the longest national highway in the country linking Panvel to Kochi via the west coast of the country! The breathtaking beauty of Western Ghats regions while driving on the long stretching Karwar to Kozhikode would certainly cast a spell over you.

Chennai to Pondicherry


Covering the 158 km long distance from Chennai to Pondicherry through Mahabalipuram would make you realize what all the southern part of India has in store for you. It would take probably three hours to cover this road distance along the Bay of Bengal coast on the well-known East Coast Road.

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