The Road Trip

We humans often tend to get bored, tired, exhausted at the worldly things like our work at office or sometimes we feel that our body and soul is screaming for a vacation, a break. But there’s always this baggage called work, relationships etc., and at the end of the day, we postpone it or might as well let it dwell in the back of my mind and never ever think about it seriously. But every person need to give time to oneself, to discover his/her own self, be amused and wonder at small things, without which our life is just grey! Hence i propose the idea of a road trip, be it with friends or even better and adventurous, going alone, for such individuals who worked their whole life, and want to feel peaceful and relieved for once.

The Road Trip

The Road Trip

Now road trips can be done either going by a 2-wheeler bike or a 4-wheeler if you have company. The first and foremost important thing is you decide which route you are gonna take, and what places you want to see and set a schedule for it. A detailed plan of the itinerary has to be laid before embarking into the adventure, for you don’t want to end up lost, which may delay your other plans.

Secondly, you pack the resources, all that is required for the trip, like money in cash and cards, fuel and tool box if you are going by car, mobile chargers etc,. And if you are going by car, you gotta check if the cooling system is working properly, the air conditioning and fuel system is right or not before setting out for the journey. Also carry a blanket, very few clothes; for you can buy cheap ‘i-love-india’ t-shirts on the road when necessary.

The road trip

When on road, you gotta maintain the budget, and luxury hotels are strictly out of matter.Motels help in this aspect. You need to stay connected with your family, inform them where you are time-to-time, so that God forbid if something happens, they could help you out.

Have multiple navigation tools, use GPS, and take maps with you apart from Google Maps. Drive only during day, start early, drive till noon, avoid traffic and reach your destination. Its important to enjoy the road-trip instead of spending all the time driving.

One of the best road-trips in the south India is from Goa-Bangalore either via Belgaum or via Shimoga. Your itinerary must places like Jog Falls, Goa forts, Murdeshwara. Going via Belgaum is much preferred.

Bangalore-Goa Road Trip

Bangalore-Goa Road Trip via Belgaum

That said, carefully plan your road trip! And bring color to your life.

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