Top 5 Longest Indian National Highways

Stretching far from a corner of the rural areas to the sky-touching buildings in the urban areas, the National Highways of India announce the commencement of improving Indian road network. These road routes just not connect two cities, ports or states, but also play a vital role in developing the overall infrastructure of a country along with bringing a boost in its economical conditions. The well-built national highways link cities from north to south and east to west. Here we have enlisted the top 5 longest national highway routes in India.


National Highway 7


NH 7, which is now renamed as the NH 44 is 2,369 km long connecting Varanasi to Kanyakumari. This is known to be the longest National Highway in India between the south and northern part of the country. Further, it connects six major states of India along with cities including Hyderabad, Madurai, Bangalore and Nagpur.


National Highway 6


Adding another benchmark in the Indian road network, NH 6 is the second longest highway with length 1,949 km. Connecting Hajira to Kolkata, this route passes through six Indian states and various towns and cities.


National Highway 5


1,533 km long National Highway 5 is one of the prominent highways in India. It runs through the coastal region of the country connecting Orrisa, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The route starts from Cuttack moving ahead to Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Nellore and finally ends at Chennai.


National Highway 15


National Highway 15 is counted among the major highway routes of the northwestern region of India. With length 1,526 km, it links Samakhiali in Gujarat to Pathankot in Punjab. The highway reaches its final destination via the cities of Jaisalmer, Amritsar and run of Kutch.


National Highway 2


Popularly known as the Delhi-Kolkata Road, the National Highway 2 is among the busiest road routes in the country. Connecting Delhi to Dankuni, this 1,465 km long national highway contributes to the oldest and longest road of Asia, the Grand Trunk Road. The Belghoria Expressway, Kanpur Over-Bridge, Allahabad Bypass Expressway and Durgapur Expressway lie on the route of NH 2.

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