The top five places to visit in south India

India as a country is stunningly beautiful with hundreds of tourist places. From adventure tourism to eco tourism, India offers a myriad selection of tourism opportunities for tourists and hence it is not wonder that people from all over the globe flock to this country for a trip. Although all of India has popular tourist destinations, some of the best tourist places of India are located in southern part of India. India is vastly divided into north and south, with the northern part being famous for the Himalayas and the southern part for the Indian Ocean.

the different places of south India

the different places of south India

Since the shape of the southern part of India is peninsular, south India travel can be done in about a month. There are four states and three union territories that fall under south India and these can be covered more or less with that much time. The top five places that you must visit when on a tour in south India are as listed below:

1)      The very first place that you must visit is the Kerala backwaters. Kerala in India is known as God’s own country and it is not without any valid reason. This state is a paradise for nature lovers and the backwaters of Kerala are a very famous tourist destination in India.

2)      The second must visit place in south India is Goa. It is a quaint union territory located in between the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra with stunningly beautiful beaches as well as remains of Portuguese colonial architecture in beautiful Churches and buildings. Goa is most popular for parties and happening nightlife.

3)      The third most visited place in south India is Bangalore. This capital city of Karnataka is a bustling metropolis and an important IT hub of India. For experiencing city life of India, this is the best place that you should visit.

4)      The fourth best tourist spot in south India is Hyderabad. This city is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and is a unique combination of modernity with history. There are historical places like the Golconda Fort, Charminar along with being another important IT hub in south India.

Kanyakumari in south India is the end point of mainland India

Kanyakumari in south India is the end point of mainland India

5)      The fifth south Indian place that you must visit is Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu state. It is the southern most tip of the mainland India and hence it is quite an experience to see the vast expanse of Ocean in front of you from this point.

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