A trip to naturally and culturally rich south India

The south of India is peninsular in shape and hence even though India is a huge country, the southern part can be toured within a short time. A short time does not mean a week or two though, for a complete as well as an all inclusive trip to south India you would have to manage at least a month. The south of India consists of Pondicherry, Goa and Lakshadweep islands, which are the union territories as well as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which are the states. Each union territory and state ha such variety of tourist places that you would surely be overwhelmed with the experience.

Kerala backwaters - a must visit in south India

Kerala backwaters – a must visit in south India

Usually tourists visiting south India separately visit Goa and the Lakshadweep islands since only the four states and Pondicherry can take more than a month to tour completely. Lakshadweep would require you to opt for either a ship or a flight since it is an island. Goa on the other hand is best toured separately since there is a lot to enjoy and experience in Goa. The states of south India can be toured separately too and it would help if you stay somewhere in south India as your base place. The reason is that then you would be able to visit the many wonderful places south India as weekend getaways.

Mahabalipuram Temple in south India

Mahabalipuram Temple in south India

South India has everything for tourists, from charmingly beautiful beaches to stunningly quaint hill stations. There are also historical temples and monuments that are worth a visit, especially if the history of India fascinates you. Apart from the places of interest, the unique culture of south India is a thing to experience as well. South India boasts of a rich cultural heritage and is completely different from that of India. The cuisine of south India is different as well and hence worth a try. All the south Indian states are well connected to the rest of the country and hence you do not need to worry about your travel.

Like most hotels in India, most of south Indian hotels also always have a welcoming and friendly smile on offer along with various modern amenities and facilities, depending on your budget as well as choice of a hotel. In every part of south India there are hotels of all types, from luxury star hotels to budget ones to resorts and also government tourist guest houses. Just book in advance and you will be set for your trip.

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