A visit to Agonda Beach in Goa

The Agonda Beach is located in South Goa, in Canacona. This beach is lined with palm trees and white silvery sand. It is a pristine and a serene place and the beach is around 3 km long in stretch. There is also a little village; at the middle of the beach is the church. There is also a small road that runs within the village and also runs across the beach.

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There are many restaurants, and other shops around the beach. You can even spot the beauty parlors and the yoga parlors. Goa is a very small place and it is just 40 sq km in area. Thus it is easy to travel crisscross around the city and state of Goa in a two wheeler. When you are visiting the Agonda beach, you can visit at the northern tip that has the inlet of the river. It is the place where the fishermen of the locality catches their fresh catch of fish early in the morning and also keep their boats.

There has been considerable development in this beach in the last few years. There are now several huts, and resorts, that covers up most of the beach. But there is one thing for sure that the beach is never crowded. There are great places to stay as well. The best places to stay in Goa would certainly be the beach resorts and the stay home that are located near the beach. These are affordable and comfortable too. Of course there are also several cheap hotels in Goa and you can also avail them if you have a strict budget while traveling.

Agonda is not the right place for having a wild night party. In fact right after 10 pm, the beach becomes quite and serene. If you want to spend some time in tranquility with yourself, or if you just want to enjoy the full moon in a serene environment, you can certainly choose Agonda Beach in Goa for a trip this time.

Agonda is a silent place but at the same time, it is very relaxing as a place. If you are looking for some beach activities like water sports or other similar stuff, you can always choose the other beaches in Goa like the Anjuna Beach or the Palolem beach which are more popular and are also more crowded. Palolem Beach is very near to the Agonda beach and you can just hire a rickshaw for visiting it.

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