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The entire south India, as we know it, consists of four states and three union territories with each state as well as union territory offering many myriad places of interest for tourists to visit. Hence it is impossible to tour entire south of India all at once, unless you have around three months time in your hands. Since for most people it is not possible to manage that much time for a trip, it would be a good idea to visit one place at a time. You can choose your destination based on your liking since south India has it all, from exquisite beaches to stunning hill stations to temples.

Kerala - truly God's own country

Kerala – truly God’s own country

You can start your south India tour with Kerala trip. This beautiful state is not only rich in natural wonders but also cultural heritage. The culture of Kerala is completely different from the rest of India and you would be able to see that in the attire of the local people as well as the cuisine. White is extensively worn in Kerala as part of the traditional dressing. And like white symbolizes calmness, peace as well as tranquility, you would feel it in every part of this state. The culture of Kerala is distinctive in its various art forms as well. The dance, music and movies of Kerala have helped in creating a mark for Kerala in the world stage.

elephants are an integral part of Kerala culture

elephants are an integral part of Kerala culture

Another magnificent part of the rich culture of Kerala is elephants. With the largest population of domesticated elephants, this majestic animal is the state animal of Kerala. When it comes to visiting Kerala on a trip the first thing that comes to mind of any tourist is also the symbol of Kerala and that is Kerala backwaters. But it is not the only place to visit in Kerala since this state is a plethora of natural beauty. There are also beautiful sandy beaches like Kovalam and Cherai as well as picturesque hill stations like Munnar and Wayanad. Once you set foot in this charming state of south India, you would be able to understand for yourself why it is known as God’s own country and how true it indeed is.

Kerala is well connected to the rest of India by railway as well as flights. You can also avail buses from the neighboring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to Kerala. There are numerous hotels too since tourism is well promoted in this quaint state.

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