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Renowned for being one of the popular tourist and pilgrimage destinations in South India, Salem is undoubtedly the hidden gem in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Situated at a distance of around 340 km far from Chennai, the capital city, it is also known as the Mango City. The city got its name from a word called Cheram indicating that this region is a part of the Cheram land. As per the legends, the city was established by Cherarnan Peruman, the leader of the Chera dynasty and was named as Cheralam. The history of this glorious city dates back to the Stone Age, however, it is believed that inhabitation evidences of the Neolithic and Paleolithic ages are found in and around its vicinity.


 Rejuvenating Experience


Blessed with myriad of tourist and pilgrimage spots, Salem fascinates visitors from almost all parts of the country. For spirituality seekers, the place is undoubtedly a haven. You would be amazed to see the alluring wealth of pilgrimage centers including Kottai Mariamman Temple, Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Tharamangalam Temple, Jama Masjid, EllaiPedari Amman Temple and Arulmigi Alagirinathar Temple. In addition to the devotional spots, Salem offers various other tourist attractions such as Panamarathupatti Lake, Aravasa Ulagam Water Theme Park, Sankagiri fort, Skandhasramam and Raja Ganapathy Temple.




Along with being a stop-by destination for tourists, Salem satiates the interests of fashion lovers as well. Acclaimed as one of the popular shopping destinations in Tamil Nadu, the colorful markets of the place are always found bustling with travelers. Your trip to this impressive South Indian city would be incomplete without buying those much talked about silver anklets. The place is renowned for producing the finest quality anklets in the most beautiful designs. In addition to this, Salem is well known as one of the major producers of cotton and silk fabrics. Don’t forget to bring back some of these souvenirs with you.

 Destination for tourists


With so many visitors coming to Salem all round the year, the city offers a wide array of accommodation facilities meeting their budgets and preferences. Whether you want to enjoy the luxury of 5 star hotels in Salem or feel comfortable in a basic accommodation facility, you would find numerous options to choose from. And for your convenience, you can book hotels in Salem online as well. Make your way to the jewel of South India, Salem this vacation as it awaits you. 

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