What to Expect at the Indian National Highways?

That crave to cover the Indian roads gave me the vision for my next adventure trip! Yes, immensely fascinated by the trend of highway tourism, I clubbed with some of my good friends clubbed together to drive through the long and wide roads beautifully joining one state to another. And the most exciting part of road travel is crossing the National Highways in India!



It was no less than a surprise for us to discover how highway tourism has carved out a niche for itself in the road transportation of the country. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the long roads to end and finding a place to refresh and prepare for further journey. Now, the conveniences are available within your reach and are provided specially keeping in mind the needs and requirements of explores and travelers in India.



The well-built system of National Highways in India is undoubtedly setting a benchmark in the booming sector of highway tourism. With the availability of roadside dhabas, restaurants, eating joints and midway cafes, it was a great relief for us to take a break from the tiring journey and satisfy our taste buds! The food served was hygienic, fresh and yes tempting as well! Another impressive factor of our road travel was the availability of petrol pumps near the highways, which is one of the most vital things required by any explore or traveler. You can find petrol pumps close to the Indian national highways easily.



Covering the roads at night is certainly a great fun, but when you are all tired and need some rest, hotels near the highways are your real problem solver. We halted at a budget hotel and after an overnight stay we again started with our journey! Though we had chosen a budget accommodation as per our needs, but there are many other staying options including motels, resorts and 5 star hotels. So, rest assured for the availability of all the essential facilities to make your travel a comfortable experience.



So, when you want to go for road travel like me, don’t fear about the lack of facilities, as the National Highways are equipped with the basic necessities to make your experience better!








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